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Free $5 in Bucks



Free $5 in Bucks



Kickr Games Casino and Sportsbook Review by Mr. Sweepstakes

Betting on social sportsbooks can be a fascinating journey, and we recently had the chance to delve into Kickr Games, branded as “North America’s New Social Sports and Casino Home.” Our comprehensive exploration revealed a platform teeming with engaging promotions, various currencies, and an impressive array of casino games. With this review, we will dissect our experience.

Quick Facts

📅 Established 2024
🧑 Owner Kickr Games Pty Ltd.
🏈 Sports Yes
💰 Purchase Methods Visa, Mastercard
💳 Redeem Methods Visa, Mastercard
✔️ Minimum Redemption  $100
⏰ Redeem Time  1-5 business days

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Kickr Games Casino Promotions ⭐5.0/10

At Kickr Games, promotions are plentiful and enticing. The welcome offers are particularly notable, providing substantial Bits and Bucks at discounted rates. For instance, new users can receive 5,500,000 Bits and 21 free Bucks for $35.00, a 30% discount from the regular price.

Such offers provide an excellent incentive for new players to dive into the action without a hefty initial investment. There’s also a 50% off promotion, reducing the cost from $19.99 to $9.99 – an offer that’s hard to ignore.

Kickr Casino Promotions

Kickr Games Casino Promotions

Kickr Games No Deposit Bonus

Specifics about these promotions reveal some rare gems, like the rewarding no deposit bonus. This bonus gives the equivalent of $5 in Bucks without any financial commitment. Daily login rewards, which vary depending on your league standing, ensure that there’s always something to look forward to.

Daily Login

Daily login bonuses are a staple at Kickr Games. Each day you log in, you receive Bits and Bucks, maintaining a steady stream of virtual currency to fuel your gameplay. This system rewards consistent engagement and enhances the overall user experience by providing regular, tangible benefits.

For instance, players in the highest league, GOAT, can earn up to 50,000 Bits daily, while those in the entry-level Steel league still receive a respectable 1,000 Bits. This tiered reward system motivates players to climb the ranks and stay engaged.

Kickr Casino Daily Drip

Kickr Casino Daily Drip

Is Kickr Games Legit? ⭐8.0/10

Kickr Games has cultivated a robust reputation for legitimacy. The platform operates under clear and concise rules and regulations, making it easy to trust. Users must be over 21 and reside in the U.S., though there are some state restrictions.

The legitimacy is further cemented by transparent terms and conditions surrounding their sweepstakes promotions and user engagement protocols. There’s no ambiguity here – everything is laid out for the user to understand, which is crucial in the often murky world of online casinos.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Generous promotions
  • Secure and transparent platform
  • Social casino and sportsbook
  • All players must be 21 or older to join

Kickr Games Casino Currencies

One of the most intriguing aspects of Kickr Games is its dual-currency system, utilizing “Bits” and “Bucks.” Bits function primarily as virtual tokens for gameplay, while Bucks serve as sweepstakes entries that can be exchanged for real-world prizes like cash or gift cards.

This dual-currency setup introduces an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the experience. Various packages, priced between $9.99 and $99.99, offer Bits, each with enticing bonuses.

Additionally, users can earn free Bucks by engaging with Kickr’s social media, logging in daily, or even mailing a request with a unique code. This multifaceted earning potential keeps the gaming experience both dynamic and rewarding.

Kickr Games Casino Currencies

Kickr Games Casino Currencies

Payment Methods⭐4.0/10

When it comes to payment methods, Kickr Games ensures a straightforward and secure process. Players can purchase Bits through various packages, each offering different amounts of free Bucks as a bonus. The platform’s transparency in transactions builds trust, which is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience. You can use Visa or Mastercard at the moment to get your Bits and Bucks.

Can I Redeem Prizes from Kickr Games?

Yes, you can through the Bucks. Redeeming prizes is equally seamless, with Bucks being the primary currency for real-world rewards. Players can win cash or gift cards by using them in games, adding a thrilling edge to the experience.

Kickr Games Casino Games⭐8.0/10

The variety of games offered at Kickr Games is impressive, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Slots enthusiasts can enjoy titles like Wild Cauldron, Eternal Sun, and Carnaval Jackpot, while fans of table games have options like Stud Poker, Blackjack, and Hold’em. The regular introduction of new games ensures that the platform remains fresh and exciting, catering to both new and seasoned players.

Kickr Games Casino Lobby

Kickr Games Casino Lobby


Weekly leaderboards play a significant role in the Kickr Games ecosystem, adding a competitive twist to the gaming experience. Competing in various games like 21 Elite Blackjack, Casino Blitz, Spin Masters, and Table Game Titans keeps the community buzzing with excitement. Striving for top spots and the rewards that come with them injects a sense of purpose and achievement, making each session more than just casual play.

Kickr Games Casino Leaderboards

Kickr Games Casino Leaderboards

Restricted States ⭐5.0/10

Players from several U.S. states are restricted from participating in Kickr Casino’s sweepstakes. Specifically, residents of Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia, as well as any outlying U.S. territories or possessions, are not eligible to enter the sweepstakes. Compared to other sweepstakes casinos, this list of prohibited states is extensive.

This exclusion is outlined in the casino’s Terms of Use and is important to ensure compliance with varying state laws and regulations regarding sweepstakes and online gaming. Make sure to check your eligibility before attempting to register and play at Kickr Casino.

Additionally, Kickr Casino offers a Sportsbook for placing bets on various sports. The availability of the Sportsbook is also subject to state regulations and may not be accessible in all regions.

Casino availability:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Sportsbook availability:

Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Wyoming

Customer Support ⭐5.0/10

Customer support is a crucial aspect of any online platform, and Kickr Games does not disappoint when it comes to Customer Support. We noticed email and live chat support options.

Their support team is responsive and knowledgeable, ready to assist with any queries or issues. Whether you’re having trouble with your account or need help understanding the rules, they’re there to provide swift and helpful responses.

How we Rate The Kickr Games Casino

Criteria Rating
Legitimacy & Safety 8/10
Promotions 5/10
Purchase & Redemption 4/10
Games 8/10
Providers 6/10
Restricted States 5/10
UI & UX 8/10
Mobile Experience 6/10
Other Player Feedback 5/10
Customer Support 5/10
Overall Rating 6.0/10

Final Words

Kickr Games stands out in the field of social sportsbooks and online casinos. Its dual-currency system, engaging promotions, and diverse game offerings create a vibrant and enjoyable gaming environment.

The platform’s legitimacy and transparent operations provide peace of mind, while the competitive leaderboards and rewarding daily logins keep players coming back for more. If you’re looking for a dynamic and trustworthy online gaming experience, Kickr Games is definitely worth a try.

With a potent blend of lived experience and technical expertise, Stephen Naumov stands as a distinctive voice in Mr. Sweepstakes's content team. Born in the historic city of Sofia, Bulgaria, Stephen studied economics at New Bulgarian University and also enriched his expertise by becoming a software engineer at the renowned Telerik Academy.

Players must be 21 years or older to join.

No, Kickr Games is only available to U.S. residents.

Free Bucks can be earned by logging in daily, engaging with social media, or mailing in a request with a unique code.

Bits are virtual tokens used for gameplay within the platform.

Prizes can be redeemed by using Bucks to enter sweepstakes for cash or gift cards.

Yes, residents of Idaho, Michigan, Montana, and Washington cannot participate.

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