Can You Turn Gold Coins Into Sweeps Coins?

Wondering what Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins are and whether you can convert them to each other? This dual currency system is what makes sweepstakes casinos legal in the US.

In today’s topic, we will explore the differences between these virtual currencies, whether it is possible to convert GC to SC, and how you can win real money prizes for free.

What are Gold Coins?

Since a sweepstakes casino is also a social one, it must provide you a way to play its games for free. This is where the usage of Gold Coins comes in handy. The casino will grant them for free, so you can test different games and strategies or simply have fun risk-free.

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Purchasing Gold Coins

In case you play all your free Gold Coins, or just want to have more, you always have the option to purchase more from the casino’s coin store.

Understanding Sweeps Coins

This virtual currency cannot be purchased. The only way to obtain Sweepstakes Coins is to receive them for free.

There are a couple of options to do so – through various promotions, social media contests, mail requests, or when purchasing Gold Coins.

Redeeming Real Money Prizes

What makes them valuable is the fact that the prizes you win by playing with them can be redeemed for real money. Some brands let you do that only with gift cards, but most support direct bank transfers.

This is the legal way to win real cash by playing casino-style games online in most states.

Can You Convert Gold Coins to Sweeps Coins?

In order to comply with the local law, sweepstakes casinos cannot support conversion from GC to SC.

Operators ensure you cannot play casino games through direct purchases by keeping these currencies separate, as if the conversion was possible, this would mean that Gold Coins, which you can buy, have an actual monetary value.

Tips for Maximizing Your Sweeps Coins

Since you cannot directly turn Gold Coins into Sweeps Cash, let us check how you can increase your Sweepstakes Coins to potentially increase your winnings.

💰 Sign up bonus Many brands offer Sweeps Coins when registering for an account.
🕛 Daily login Being active as a player often results in free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins
📱 Social media promotions y following a given sweepstakes casino on social media such as Facebook, Instagram
📧 Mail-in requests A common way to obtain Sweeps Cash is to send a mail request to the casino. Check the casino’s terms or our review for a specific brand to learn more.
💖 Referral programs Another widely spread promotion is to invite friends to play at a sweepstakes casino. For this, you will receive free GC and SC.
💳 Purchase promotions When purchasing Gold Coins, sweepstakes casinos grant you free Sweeps Cash.


Today we went through the relationship between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins in social casinos and sweepstakes games, which currencies are an essential aspect of online legal gaming in the US.

While direct conversion between the two currencies is impossible, you can still maximize your Sweeps Coins by participating in promotions, giveaways and staying active on the platform.

Understanding the differences between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins will help you maximize your gaming experience.

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