Does Stake Use Real Money?

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facebook twitter linkedin is a social online casino that offers its services to players in the US. With cryptocurrency as the sole currency used, the casino introduces a facet of gaming hitherto unused by social casinos. Well, but does Stake use real money? You have come to the right place if you are wondering that. offers two kinds of playing modes, as all sweepstake casinos do. Here is all you need to know about the playing modes at the casino.

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How Does Work?

As a sweepstake casino, the gaming platform offers two different modes of gaming that make it fun to play, whether for free or for real cash. To enjoy the two modes of playing, members need one of two virtual currencies used at the casino.

Gold Coins are the first currency you use at the casino. These carry no real-world value, and wins will not result in prizes. You can buy these coins to keep you playing for fun.

The second type of virtual currency is Stake Cash, which you cannot purchase from the casino and is given as a free token on promotions and when you purchase Gold Coins.

Stake Cash is redeemable for real prizes so that you have the chance to cash in on your winnings when you reach the withdrawal threshold.

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Do You Need Cash to Play at

Sweepstake casinos are a special type of gaming platform because you don’t need to spend cash to start playing when you sign up. This is the case when you get to The casino does not need you to make any deposit before you can start playing.

New members get a welcome bonus when they sign up. This is a no deposit reward that gives you $25 worth of Stake Cash to play games for real money, coupled with 250,000 Gold Coins that are usable to play for fun.

Players may only need to spend money when they run out of GC. Each purchase of Gold Coins comes with some Stake Cash as a bonus.

Accumulate your balance of Stake Cash to redeem it for gift cards, cryptocurrency, or merchandise. Collect SC on various promotional rewards and giveaways to keep your bankroll growing.

Stake Cash cannot be purchased, and rewards like these are your best bet at getting more SC aside from playing games and winning.

The bonus rewards you can claim are dished out on all platforms where Stake is represented, including social media giveaways, daily and weekly bonus promotions, and the daily login bonus that often comes with some Stake Cash.

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Stake USA Promotions

Conclusion is a sweepstake casino and fashions its gaming options according to this model. As such, players will not have to make any payments before they can play the casino.

All you have to do is watch out for bonus rewards and gift drops on the casino’s social sites and page to enjoy all the exciting games on the platform. Complete the simple sign-up process to access your first bonus reward at the casino.

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