How Long Does Stake Take to Deposit

Stake is one of the biggest gambling brands in the world. The social casino alternative of the brand,, first started operating in 2022 in the US. With an extensive game catalog and the daily sweepstakes bonuses to go with it, Stake US enjoyed runaway success.

Stake brands operate exclusively on cryptocurrency, and at, you have 20+ cryptocurrency payment options. Players who know about crypto payments know just how fast these can be, so how long does Stake take to deposit?

How Long Does It Take to Deposit at

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Stake US is a social platform, so technically, you cannot make cash deposits to the casino. However, you can think of coin purchases as a reload of your bankroll.

You need Gold Coins to play in free mode at the casino. Members have coin packages that start at $20 for 200,000 Gold Coins and 20.2 coins worth of Stake Cash.

The most Gold Coins you can purchase in one transaction are capped at 3,000,000 Gold Coins and 306 Stake Cash for $300. Purchases are fast when you play at

Click on your bankroll to buy Gold Coins and choose your preferred package. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase in the cryptocurrency you prefer.

Your coin purchase should take 5-15 minutes to be credited to your account. While this is the typical wait time, players can sometimes have to wait for up to an hour.

Why Is My Coin Purchase Taking Too Long?

Coin purchases are typically fast at the casino, and members are usually able to keep playing minutes after their purchase.

Delayed deposits can be caused in several ways. Here are some reasons you should consider when your deposits are delayed:

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Gold Coin Packages

Lag in the Network

The blockchain network can sometimes be crammed with users making transactions. This is likely to cause a lag as the network performs all transactions as it receives them.

Lags caused by this congestion can go on for minutes and sometimes hours. It all depends on the cryptocurrency you are using.

Wrong Wallet Address

Using the wrong crypto address is another reason your coin purchase is not showing up in your account.

In this case, the transaction has not been completed, and you have to make the purchase again, this time entering your correct wallet address.

Low Crypto Balance

With a low cryptocurrency balance on your wallet, you may be unable to make a purchase, as some altcoins need you to pay a transaction fee.

Your coins may have yet to show up on your account since your wallet balance could not clear the transaction fees.

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What Should I Do When I Can’t See My Coin Purchase

If your coin purchase does not reflect on your account balance within the stipulated time, then you should contact support.

The casino’s support staff can provide case-by-case solutions to such issues. Provide all your information about the transaction, and the support staff should help you solve the issue.


Adding to your bankroll should be easy when you have the cryptocurrency to purchase coins. gives you convenient coin packages and sets a maximum limit for single purchases and the total amount of coins you can purchase in a day.

As one of the most trusted social casinos for players in the US, you can be sure to get the best service from, as purchases and redemptions rarely lag or become problematic.

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