How to Add Money to High 5 Casino

Navigating the financial aspects of a social casino like High 5 Casino differs significantly from traditional real-money casinos. Unlike the latter, High 5 Casino doesn’t offer conventional deposit and withdrawal methods. Instead, it provides coin packages for in-game use and options for prize redemptions. That being said, you may wonder how to add money to High 5 Casino.

Rest assured, High 5 Casino streamlines the process for you, offering multiple purchase methods. This guide aims to break down these banking options so you can easily purchase and redeem prizes.

high5 casino lobby

High5 Casino Home Lobby

How Does the High 5 Coin System Work?

Understanding the currency system at High 5 Casino can significantly enhance your gaming experience. The platform primarily utilizes two types of coins: Game Coins and Sweeps Coins.

Game Coins are the cornerstone of the casino’s free-to-play model. They allow you to enjoy various games, set different wager levels, and have fun without the pressure of risking real money. These coins, however, cannot be converted back into real-world currency.

Sweeps Coins are where the potential for real money comes into play. These special coins give you the chance to win actual cash prizes. Importantly, Sweeps Coins are not available for direct purchase. Instead, you acquire them through bonuses or by buying Game Coin packages.

gold and sweeps coins high 5 casino

Virtual Currencies High5 Casino

High 5 Casino Coin Packages

The free-to-play model of High 5 Casino is tailored to suit a variety of budgets and gaming styles. Players have a broad spectrum of coin packages. This lets you decide how much to invest in your gaming experience.

For a mere $2, you can secure 10 GCs and receive 2 SCs as a bonus. This low entry point is ideal for casual gamers or newcomers looking to test the waters.

Conversely, the $500 package furnishes you with a hefty 2,500 GCs and 515 SCs. This package is designed for the avid player looking to maximize their in-game advantages.

Between these extremes, numerous options exist. For example, $20 can get you 100 GCs and 20 SCs, offering a balanced value for your money.

The beauty of these packages lies in their flexibility. You’re never pressured to commit more than you’re comfortable with. This allows for a gaming experience that is as relaxed or as high-octane as you wish it to be.

high 5 casino store

Coin Store High 5 Sweeps Casino

How to Purchase Coins at High 5 Casino

Making purchases on High 5 Casino is designed to be quick and hassle-free. To initiate a purchase, locate the green “Buy” button at the top left-hand corner of your screen. A simple click reveals various package options. Scroll through these choices and select the one that suits your needs. You’ll then hit another green button indicating the package’s total price.

If you’re a first-time purchaser, the system prompts you to input payment details, be it a credit card number or an e-wallet like PayPal or Skrill. Once this initial setup is complete, future purchases are expedited, freeing you from the need to re-enter payment information.

To further speed up the process, High 5 Casino offers a “Quick Buy” feature located at the top of the page. With a single click, you can acquire a different coin package. This feature is especially useful for those with a preferred package who wish to bypass the selection process.

What Are the Best High 5 Casino Purchase Methods?

Having clarified the overall payment landscape of High 5 Casino, it’s crucial to delve into the specifics of each purchase method available. These methods make it convenient for you to purchase Game Coins, accrue VIP Points, and claim Lobby Spins. Notably, these methods are uniform across states.

payment methods high5

High5 Casino Payment Methods


For those comfortable with traditional payment options, High 5 Casino accepts Visa and Mastercard. These cards offer immediate processing times for your purchases. With a minimum purchase of just $1.80 and no associated fees, it’s one of the most straightforward methods available.

American Express

In contrast to many online casinos, High 5 Casino welcomes American Express users. This feature adds to the platform’s appeal, as American Express is the third most popular card provider in the USA.

Like Visa and Mastercard, American Express offers instant transaction times with the same minimum purchase of $1.80.


american express

American Express Cards


For users who prioritize speed without linking a bank or debit card, PayPal is a standout choice. Users are rerouted to PayPal’s website to approve each transaction. In essence, the speed and the minimum purchase remain consistent with the other methods mentioned.


Skrill is another service that allows for digital payments without revealing personal financial information. It functions similarly to PayPal and maintains the same immediacy in transaction times and the $1.80 minimum purchase requirement.

skrill logo

Skrill Digital Wallet Logo


Trustly provides a unique avenue for those who prefer direct transfers from their checking accounts. Trustly ensures a secure and immediate transaction process, again adhering to the $1.80 minimum purchase norm.

Deposit Limit

Since High 5 Casino operates on a social casino model, traditional deposit limits don’t apply. You can’t deposit real money into your account; you purchase Game Coins instead.

However, there’s a “soft cap” on how much you can spend, determined by the most expensive Game Coin package available.

Final Thoughts

Adding money to High 5 Casino is straightforward but differs from conventional online casinos. While you can’t directly deposit real money, you can purchase various Game Coin packages through different payment options. These packages are instantly credited to your account, allowing immediate gameplay.


No, High 5 Casino does not permit direct real money deposits into your casino account. Instead, you can purchase Game Coins, which may come with bonus Sweeps Coins.

High 5 Casino accepts various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Skrill, and Trustly. All transactions are processed immediately.

No, there are no extra fees charged by High 5 Casino for purchasing Game Coins. However, you should check with your payment provider for any additional fees they might charge.

No, Game Coins are used for fun gameplay and cannot be redeemed for real money. To win real money, you’ll need to acquire and use Sweeps Coins, which come as bonuses with certain Game Coin packages.

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