How to Add Money to Tao Fortune?

Tao Fortune Casino is a new player in the ever-growing landscape of social casinos in the United States. Unlike traditional gaming sites, social casinos like Tao Fortune don’t allow players to make deposits. Rather, you can only purchase packages to get coins. This article is your guide to understanding how Tao Fortune works and how you can add money to your account.

tao fortune sweeps casino homepage

Tao Fortune Sweeps Casino Homepage

Steps on How to Fund Your Tao Fortune Account

As mentioned earlier, you cannot add funds to your account the normal way, but you can purchase virtual coins. It is important to note that Tao Coins sweeps casino is the only coin you can purchase. Secret Coins come as a bonus with all the packages.

Here are the packages available at Tao Fortune:

  • 25,000 TC + 500 free SC for $4.98
  • 50,000 TC + 1,000 free SC for $9.88
  • 300,000 TC + 2,500 free SC for $19.88
  • 250,000 TC + 5,000 free SC for $49.88
  • 500,000 TC + 10,000 free SC for $99.88
  • 750,000 TC + 15,000 free SC for $149.88
  • 1000,000 TC + 20,000 free SC $199.88

taofortune coin store packages

TaoFortune Coin Store Package

If you’re a new player, you can seize the enticing first purchase bonus. It gives you 450,000 Tao Coins and 3,540 Secret Coins – all for just $29.88. This exclusive deal is a steal, especially considering its original price was $35.40.

To add funds to Tao Fortune, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Tao Fortune account.
  2. Click on the “Buy” button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  3. Select the package you want to buy.
  4. Choose from the list of accepted payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, and Discover.
  5. Fill out the details and submit the payment.

What Are the Available Payment Methods?

Tao Casino offers three different payment methods for buying coins. Here’s a rundown of each of the available option:


Visa is a globally recognized payment method that offers secure and swift transactions. At Tao Fortune, you can use you Visa credit or debit card to purchase Coin packages. This method is ideal for those who prefer a familiar and reliable way to conduct online transactions.


tao fortune payment methods

Tao Fortune Payment Methods

Another widely accepted payment option at Tao Fortune is Mastercard. Similar to Visa, Mastercard holders can enjoy the benefit of instant payment processing. Whether you hold a credit, debit, or prepaid Mastercard, you can easily navigate the checkout process to buy Coins.


Discover card users are not left out of the fun at Tao Fortune. This payment method is known for its excellent customer service and cashback rewards. You can quickly buy Coin packages and return to your games without delay. Additionally, Discover’s monitoring system works to prevent fraudulent activity.

With prices ranging from an affordable $4.98 to a premium package of $149.98, there is a range of options to suit different budgets It’s helpful to consider the security and ease of use when choosing a payment method at Tao Fortune. Each of the available options ensures that the purchased Coin packages are credited to the player’s account instantly without any charges.

How to Get More Tao Coins and Secret Coins.

Acquiring more Tao Coins and Secret Coins at TaoFortune Casino goes beyond mere gameplay and purchase. Here are several avenues to boost your coin balance:

Magic Boxes

Apart from the welcome and first-purchase bonuses, TaoFortune presents daily Magic Boxes. Each day, upon login, you unlock a random box that could contain Tao Coins, Secret Coins, or a mix of both. The prizes vary but can be as high as 500 Secret Coins and 25,000 Tao Coins daily.

Remember, to access Magic Boxes, complete your profile by verifying your identity. This is necessary for compliance with social casino regulations.

Tao Fortune Casino Magic Box

TaoFortune Magic Box – Bonus Feature

Referral Bonuses

Spread the word about TaoFortune Casino among your friends, and you’ll reap the rewards. When your friends sign up using your referral link, you instantly bag 900,000 Tao Coins and 2,500 Secret Coins.

Furthermore, free spins start rolling as you engage in more TaoFortune slot games. As you climb the ranks and become a TaoFortune VIP, the flow of free spins becomes even more generous.

Mail-In Bonus

If you prefer a more traditional approach, TaoFortune offers a Mail-In Bonus that gifts you 100 Secret Coins. To claim this bonus, send a letter with your complete details, including your Tao Coins player ID, to TaoFortune Promotion at the provided address.

Tao Quests

Tao Quests are a unique feature not commonly found in social casinos. Completing achievements like playing a set number of times or winning specific amounts earns you Stars. Accumulate enough Stars, climb the leaderboard, and grab a share of various prize pools.

taofortune casino daily quests

Tao Fortune Quests

Is Tao Fortune Casino Legal?

Tao Fortune Casino, owned by A1 Development LLC based in Idaho, operates legally within sweepstakes. This distinctive approach eliminates the necessity for traditional gambling licenses. Rest assured, your data is well-protected on this platform, benefitting from robust security measures like secure socket layer technology.

Furthermore, A1 Development LLC manages other well-known social casinos like NoLimitCoins Casino and Funrize, strengthening their credibility in the industry.

The casino garners positive reviews from its satisfied player base, underlining its reliability and the quality of the online gaming experiences it provides. This feedback contributes significantly to its positive reputation.

Final Thoughts

Adding funds to your Tao Fortune account allows you to purchase virtual coins. Tao Coins are readily available, and Secret Coins come as a bonus with each package. With affordable packages and an attractive first-purchase bonus, Tao Fortune ensures players have options to enhance their gaming experience. Simply follow the steps we’ve outlined to leverage the offer.


The TaoFortune casino no deposit bonus offers 88,800 Tao Coins. To claim these coins, sign up for a new TaoFortune social casino account.

No, Tao Fortune operates in a sweepstakes site format, providing casino-style games where players can win prizes and gift cards but not real money.

No, there’s no obligation to buy coins to enjoy games. Even if your balance hits zero, daily log-in bonuses and quests can refill your bankroll. You can also earn free coins by inviting friends or through mail-in promotions.

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