How to Create an Account at Pulsz Bingo?

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In today’s article we explain to you how to create an account at Pulsz Bingo and show different methods regarding how to do it. We will also briefly introduce you to what the welcome bonus provides to you.

Making an Account

There are two different options that may tickle your fancy – email sign up & social media login. Regardless of which you choose, both will allow you to have fun and get magnificent rewards.

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Log in Pulsz Bingo 

Email Sign Up

Everyone knows the good old sign up via email option. All it requires you to do is add your first and last name, email address, and a strong password. This is mandatory, and will be super important later on when you begin the verification process.

You also need to know that you must agree to their T&C. Once all the steps listed above are completed, you’ll have full access to the website.

Social Media Login

The second option involves the user’s ability to sign up by using social media services. The option to do so is Google – what’s superb about this is that all you have to do is tie the account and the casino, and the site will add all necessary public available data and fill in the blanks without you having to do a thing. You will then get redirected to the casino and you’ll be able to play the games.

Welcome Bonus

When you sign up for the casino with your method of choice, you will be greeted with a complimentary welcome bonus by the casino. This splendid bonus will allow you to access and play the games completely for free.

It consists of 5,000 Gold Coins (also known as GC, a virtual currency used in the casino to play the games for free; it doesn’t have any real value) that will be added to your balance. It doesn’t come with any special dos and don’ts, so you can start playing with the coins right away.

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Pulsz Bingo Promotions 


This review explains to you account creation using the available methods at Pulsz Bingo. We also cover the welcome bonus that comes with the sign up and what exactly it provides the player with so you can play without having to worry about a thing.

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