Is Fliff Legal in California?

If you are not familiar with Fliff, it means you are new to California, or at least its sportsbooks and social betting scene. Fliff is a leading social sportsbook in America, with quality gaming options, a few legal issues, and a world of exciting rewards.

This guide contains a detailed overview of sports betting at Fliff and its legal status in California.

What is a Fliff?

Fliff is a social betting site, specifically operating as a social sportsbook. The platform offers all the benefits and excitement of a regular sportsbook, with one big difference, you can’t place real-money bets.

Fliff runs on a “free-to-play” Sweepstakes model that allows you to place your bet on any sports activity without spending real money. At Fliff, you place your bets with game tokens called Fliff Coins. These Fliff coins are mostly free, but you can buy Fliff coins with real money.

The sports betting experience at Fliff matches top sportsbooks in America. The sportsbook offers rich betting markets and odds across several local and international sports options. Let’s not even get started on the rich Fliff bonuses.

New players at Fliff get to enjoy a generous welcome bonus of up to 100% on their initial deposits. You also get real rewards like cash gifts and gift cards as part of the Fliff loyalty program. The downside with Fliff bonuses is that they are not available to returning players aside from their referral bonuses.

fliff app

Fliff App

Is Fliff Legal in California?

Fliff is a recognized Sweepstakes company, making it legal in most parts of America. The social sportsbook is licensed in over 40 states, including California.

In November 2022, California rejected the proposal to legalize sports betting within its borders. The failure of Prop 27 has made it illegal for anyone to engage in paid sports betting activities in California, but that does not include Fliff.

Fliff uses a “play-for-fun” model that does not require players to make any deposit before enjoying the sportsbooks. You can enjoy the sports options, betting market, and odds at Fliff without making any purchases.

Gaming transactions in Fliff are with Fliff coins, Fliff cash, and Experience Points(XP). Players can buy these game tokens with real cash payments through their Visa, MasterCard, or American Express cards.

Is Fliff A Safe Betting Site?

While Fliff does not require any gaming license to operate in California, it is still a sportsbook and complies with most gaming requirements. The Sweepstakes laws of most states allow social casinos to operate without online sports betting licenses because they don’t offer paid services.

How Do I Join Fliff in California?

fliff sweeps app website download app

Fliff Website – Download App

Fliff is available in California as a Free-to-play sportsbook, so you can join without making any real money payments. Interestingly, Fliff has an exciting website, but the social sportsbook options are only available on mobile apps. You can download the app at Google Play or Apple Store and follow these simple steps to join Fliff.

  • Open the website on your mobile browser or native app
  • Click on “Create Account” on the homepage
  • Follow the next prompt to sign in through Apple, Google, or your Email
  • Fill in the necessary details and click “Create Account.”
  • You can fill in the “SWEEPCASH” promo code to get the Fliff Promo Code Bonus.

Final Thought

Fliff has been operating in over 40 states since 2019, and it is considered legal in most states. The rules regulating social and sweepstakes casinos in California also allow Fliff to operate as a legal gaming outfit. Fliff meets all legal requirements in California, so you can enjoy the gaming experience without any worries.

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