Is Golden Hearts Games Legit?

  • Antonio DeLaCosa

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Golden Hearts is one social casino with an electrifying line of games. As the name suggests, the vendor has a ‘heart of gold,’ as it offers its games with a charitable side to it. Golden Hearts Casino is sure to catch players by surprise when they find this out. But is Golden Hearts Games legit? Can you trust the vendor?

Aside from what the casino has to give to important causes, we sought to find out whether players get a fair shake when they sign up for the casino with the aim to answer all these questions for you.

Golden Hearts Games Casino Licensing

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Company Info & Licensing – About us Page Golden Hearts Games 

Golden Hearts Casino is a social online casino and does not operate like traditional casinos that need you to deposit before playing. At this site, you only need to sign up, and you get a no deposit bonus that lets you explore the casino without spending your cash.

The offer you get when you complete signing up is one reward that keeps you playing. Others come through daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. The social casino also offers a range of giveaways on its social pages. As such, the casino does not need licensing like regular casinos do.

While you don’t have to worry about licensing since the casino does not require you to make deposits, it is important that donations get to the designated charities. To this end, the casino partners with the Givinga Foundation, which oversees all charitable transactions.

With the foundation collecting donations, you can be sure that all the organizations you believe in, and partner with the casino, get the support they deserve.

Are My Payments Safe at Golden Hearts Casino?

Nevertheless, the casino offers high-tech cryptographic security that ensures you never have to worry about losing your account or having your payment details land in the wrong hands. The casino also ensures your security through two-step authentication.

This security protocol ensures your card information is safe from malware and other attacks. That the casino only accepts the major credit and debit card, and only the most respected e-wallets keeps you safe every step of the way.

Enjoy Free-to-Play Games and Be Part of Something Greater

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Golden Hearts Games Games 

Golden Hearts Casino takes on an approach hitherto not considered by most gaming platforms you find online. At Golden Hearts Casino, you can choose from a wide selection of charities that offer help in different ways.

Is Golden Hearts Games Legit?

Big Heart Casino is a warm and welcoming online gaming site that provides you with the best gaming options and doubles up by offering you the chance to make a difference in the world.

With years of experience, the social casino delivers exciting games you play for free without having to make any deposits when you sign up.

The customer care team at the casino is pleasant and quickly helps you get through any issues you come across. With a presence on all social platforms, the casino stays true to its style of gaming in every sense of the world. So, is Golden Hearts Games legit? Without a doubt, yes. Try out the site to see just how good the games get.

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