Is High 5 Casino Legit?

Are you searching to find out if High 5 Casino is legit? We from Mr. Sweepstakes can state that it is, and today, we will share our review on why.

High 5 Casino is a sleek-looking social casino for players in the US and Canada. The operator boasts award-winning content with proprietary games on the catalog. As a social casino that needs you to make no deposit to play, High 5 offers a host of prizes for players who can collect enough Sweep Coins.

Sweepstakes Slots are the main draw at High 5, and these come with thrilling gameplay, top-notch graphics, and real-life cash rewards for sweepstake players. Players are likely to wonder just how legit the casino is, which is the focus of this piece.

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Is High Five Casino Legit?

Online casinos have to be registered and fully licensed if they provide any kind of monetary gaming. High 5 Casino does not offer real-money gaming in the traditional form but does give you awards if you win through sweep coins.

For this reason, the social casino would need a license to operate in the US. High 5 Casino is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE), which ensures the integrity of the casino and protects players.

The regulator has several oversight obligations that keep the casino in check and promote responsible gaming among online players.

The NJDGE has been carrying out regulation and licensing duties since 1977 and has been instrumental in protecting players. In regulating casinos, the NJDGE will investigate and prosecute crimes related to land-based and online casino gaming.

It also tests all slot machines, random number generators (RNGs), and other Internet gaming systems before they are used in commercial and social casinos.

Players can count on the regulatory body to investigate and challenge individual and corporate casino-related queries. That this strict body regulates High 5 Casino shows that players can trust the brand to deliver what it promises.

How is Player Security at High 5 Casino?

Aside from regulation, which caters to the financial side of things, High 5 Casino also offers security features that make it safe to play the site online. You have SSL encryption to keep your account safe when you log in to the site.

This also works for your transactions when you purchase game coins so that your banking information is never jeopardized. With this, SSL encryption ensures complete client-server protection and the other way around. The security features keep coming as you have an active firewall that keeps away any malicious attacks on player accounts.

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Is High Five Casino Legit – Responsible Social Gameplay Policy 

High Five Casino Player Ratings

Online casinos will always evoke different emotions from players, but sites worth their weight in gold get good reviews from players and pundits alike. Player reviews are a great way to find out how a casino operates in the real world.

High 5 Casino enjoys good reviews on online player forums. Users have reported the casino paying up large sums of up to $30,000 even after payments were suspended. If the reviews are anything to go by, High 5 Casino is the kind of site where players get a fair shake when they sign up.


High 5 Casino has been part of the online wagering industry for some time now and has already bagged some accolades. Going by the hype behind it, High 5 Casino must be doing something right. Players who enjoy the social casino experience get a site that is just like any other online casino with Vegas-style slots.

A generous sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus for new signees is one of the reasons you immediately trust the brand when you get to the casino lobby. Our review of the site and what players have to say about it tells us that this is a site you can trust.

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