The Venetian Las Vegas Unveils Major Poker Room Expansion

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is set to redefine the poker scene on the Strip with the announcement of its ambitious plan to relocate and expand its poker room into a new, cutting-edge venue within the Grand Canal Shoppes. This strategic move, scheduled for completion this summer, underscores the resort’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of modern poker, aiming to offer an unparalleled gaming experience to its patrons.

Spanning an impressive 14,000 square feet on Level 2 of the Grand Canal Shoppes, the new poker room will feature 50 tables, marking a significant increase from its current capacity. This expansion not only makes it the largest poker room on the Strip but also introduces a host of upgraded amenities crafted from years of player feedback. Among these enhancements are self-serve Coca-Cola soda fountains, coffee stations, comprehensive online ordering with delivery options from Grand Lux, and ubiquitous USB charging ports at every seat, ensuring a modern, comfortable, and convenient environment for players.

Danny Ruiz, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas Chief Gaming Officer, highlighted the expansion as a milestone in the resort’s ongoing efforts to reimagine the gaming experience. “The room was designed to provide an elevated playing experience, and everything from design details to enhancements was made with the players in mind,” Ruiz stated. The new location also boasts dedicated restrooms, kiosks for the Venetian Rewards loyalty program and sports betting operated by William Hill, and a variety of TVs throughout the venue, enhancing the overall player experience.

The Venetian Las Vegas Unveils Major Poker Room Expansion

The current poker room at the Venetian is ante-ing up.


Tommy LaRosa, Director of Poker Operations at The Venetian Resort, emphasized the room’s modern, clean, and unique design, which promises to set a new standard for poker rooms everywhere. LaRosa also pointed out the strategic placement of the new poker room within the shopping district for better accessibility, away from the hustle and bustle of the casino floor, providing a smoke-free and noise-minimized environment. A notable innovation is the introduction of a dedicated streaming room, facilitating vlogging sessions and live-streaming of tournament final tables and cash games, aiming to welcome and comfort newcomers to the game.

Pending Nevada regulatory approval, the new poker room is a continuation of The Venetian’s tradition of offering cash games and hosting the DeepStack poker tournament series. The move reflects a significant investment in the future of poker at a time when the industry is exploring new business models. “It’s not often that a company makes this kind of investment into poker,” LaRosa added, expressing excitement about the belief in their players who support the room.

This expansion is part of a broader $1 billion capital investment project by Vici Properties and Apollo Global Management, which includes a $188 million renovation of its convention center, signaling a profound commitment to enhancing the resort’s offerings and maintaining its status as a premier destination on the Las Vegas Strip. The Venetian’s original poker room, a staple since 2006, will remain operational until the new venue is ready to welcome players, setting the stage for a new era in poker gaming.

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