New Jersey Invests $100M in Iconic Shore Boardwalk Revitalization

New Jersey is injecting $100 million into the heart of its coastal culture, earmarking these funds for the repair and rebuilding of its iconic Jersey Shore boardwalks. This financial boost, derived from federal COVID-19 recovery funds under the American Rescue Act, is a strategic move aimed at preserving the cherished seaside promenades that have long been central to the state’s identity and economy. Governor Phil Murphy’s administration has selected 18 Jersey Shore towns to benefit from this initiative, highlighting the state’s commitment to enhancing its tourist attractions and supporting local businesses.

Among the recipients of this generous funding are two of the state’s most renowned boardwalks: Atlantic City and Asbury Park, each slated to receive $20 million. The Atlantic City Boardwalk, heralded as the first of its kind in the United States and a linchpin for local casinos, will see essential renovations to replace worn decking and pilings with durable materials. This endeavor not only aims to bolster tourism but also to reinforce the infrastructure critical to the area’s gaming industry, which includes six of Atlantic City’s nine casinos.

Asbury Park, another beneficiary and the musical birthplace of Bruce Springsteen, will utilize its funds to maintain its boardwalk’s status as a cultural landmark. Additional towns such as North Wildwood, Wildwood, and Ventnor, among others, will receive varying amounts to address their specific needs, ranging from major reconstruction to subtle enhancements.

New Jersey Invests $100M in Iconic Shore Boardwalk Revitalization

New Jersey Invests $100M in Iconic Shore Boardwalk Revitalization

Governor Murphy emphasized the integral role boardwalks play in New Jersey’s collective memory and economy, stating, “Our boardwalks have long been a prized destination, and we want to keep them that way by helping shore communities repair and maintain these wooden main streets.” This sentiment was echoed by Jacquelyn Suarez, acting commissioner of the state Division of Community Affairs, who acknowledged the economic significance of the boardwalks to the shore towns and the hefty maintenance costs borne by local governments.

This initiative not only aims to preserve the historical and cultural fabric of New Jersey’s shoreline but also to invigorate local economies by improving the infrastructure that supports tourism and the gaming industry. By directing a substantial portion of the American Rescue Plan’s funds towards these iconic boardwalks, New Jersey affirms its dedication to the well-being of its coastal communities and the enhancement of its most beloved tourist attractions.

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