PGCB Enforces Strict Penalties on Casino Violations

In a decisive move to uphold gambling regulations, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has imposed fines totaling $212,500 on two casino operators for a series of violations, including inadequate protective measures on gambling platforms and underage gambling incidents. The sanctions, which stemmed from three consent agreements approved during the board’s recent public meeting, underscore the regulatory body’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and security of the state’s gambling environment.

Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing, LLC, found itself at the center of the enforcement actions, incurring two fines that collectively amounted to $147,500. The most substantial penalty, $97,500, was levied for serious lapses on the Penn Interactive Ventures’ iGaming and sports betting platforms. The PGCB highlighted that these platforms failed to prevent the creation and use of multiple accounts with someone else’s identifying information, allowing for the funding of accounts with stolen money or credit cards and facilitating the withdrawal of funds by individuals engaged in fraudulent activities.

Additionally, Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing faced a $50,000 fine for allowing three underage individuals to gain access to the gaming floor of its Hollywood Casino York property, a clear breach of Pennsylvania’s stringent gambling age restrictions.

Sugarhouse HSP Gaming, LP, was not spared from regulatory scrutiny either, receiving a $65,000 fine related to its Rivers Philadelphia Casino operations. The company was cited for not meeting minimum staffing requirements for over 40 days and failing to promptly notify both the onsite Gaming Control Board staff and Pennsylvania State Police of a voucher theft, highlighting lapses in operational compliance and security measures.

PGCB Enforces Strict Penalties on Casino Violations

PGCB Enforces Strict Penalties on Casino Violations

Beyond financial penalties, the PGCB took action against irresponsible behavior by casino patrons, specifically adults who left minors unattended while engaging in gambling activities. Three adults were banned from entering casinos statewide for such negligence, including a case where a 9-year-old was left in a vehicle at Presque Isle Downs and Casino, and another incident involving a woman who left three children, aged 4, 7, and 12, unattended while gambling at the same venue. These measures reflect the PGCB’s zero-tolerance policy towards endangering minors and its broader efforts to safeguard the welfare of all casino patrons.

The PGCB’s recent actions serve as a stern reminder of the importance of adherence to state gambling laws and regulations, emphasizing the necessity for casino operators to implement robust safeguards against fraud and underage gambling. As the regulatory body continues to enforce these standards, the integrity of Pennsylvania’s gaming industry remains a top priority, ensuring a safe and fair environment for all participants.

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