PlayStar Casino Unveils Interactive Live Streaming Show on Twitch

In an innovative move that blends the realms of online gaming and live entertainment, PlayStar Casino, in partnership with SGG Media, has announced the launch of ‘Casino Stream’, a groundbreaking show making waves on Twitch. As one of the first of its kind, this fully licensed streaming casino show marks PlayStar Casino’s pioneering foray into the live streaming space.

Set against the backdrop of the vibrant digital landscape, ‘Casino Stream’ brings the allure and excitement of casino gaming to viewers in real time. Each week, three New Jersey-based influencers will take center stage, engaging in PlayStar Casino’s diverse array of games and slots, creating an immersive online casino experience for the Garden State’s enthusiasts.

The streamers, equipped with a budget for each episode, will delve into the thrill of legal online gambling, broadcasting their play and big-win moments to a substantial viewership.

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PlayStar Casino’s CMO, Jon Bowden, underscores the significance of this venture: “We are thrilled to partner with SGG Media to bring the dynamism of live casino games to New Jersey’s residents. This initiative allows us to showcase our slots and games while offering an authentic casino experience to a broad online audience.”

This strategic partnership is not just about entertainment; it’s a nod to the future of online casino streaming in the U.S., especially after’s 2022 ban on unlicensed U.S. gambling sites. The collaboration aims to pave the way for a new era of compliant and licensed online gambling entertainment.

Troy Paul, CEO of SGG Media, emphasized the compliance and legal integrity of the show, saying, “’Casino Stream’ is committed to adhering to all state gambling regulations. As a licensed New Jersey casino, PlayStar ensures that only verified adult gamblers within the state participate, while our hosts amplify the excitement of live betting.”

The introduction of ‘Casino Stream’ is a testament to PlayStar’s and SGG Media’s commitment to innovation and community engagement in the online gambling scene. With PlayStar Gaming Group AB at the helm, boasting a robust ‘casino first’ platform led by industry veterans, and SGG Media’s legal sports gambling streaming success with ‘Live Drive’, this collaboration is set to redefine the online casino streaming landscape and entertainment.

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