Mines – Payouts and Strategies

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Free 15,000 GC + 3 SC


7.0/10 Mines, an engaging online crash game, has captured the attention of many for its straightforward mechanics and potential for significant multipliers. Despite its simplicity, discussions around its fairness and the viability of various strategies abound.

With this guide I will share my personal experience with Mines. Also, I will explore insights from players and experts to provide a detailed look at Mines, including effective tactics, tips, and the ongoing debate about its fairness. Mines Payouts

The Mines payouts offer an enticing high Return to Player (RTP) rate of up to 99%, making it an appealing choice for many players. The game features a 5×5 grid with 25 tiles, where players can decide the number of mines to be hidden, ranging from 1 to 24.

Choosing fewer mines reduces the risk but also limits the potential payout. Conversely, selecting more mines increases the risk but significantly boosts the potential rewards. The game’s mechanics allow for substantial winnings, with the maximum payout reaching an astonishing 5,000,000 times the bet amount.

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How to Play Mines

When you access your account, you can follow these simple steps to begin your mines game.

  1. Find the game in the “Stake Originals” category.
  2. Enter the number of mines to be placed on the grid and your bet size.
  3. Click on any of the squares to make your selection.
  4. If you open a diamond, you win. If you hit a bomb, you lose.

Furthermore, if you still wonder how to play Mines, you can use these key combinations. When I play Mines, I use the following ones for a streamlined experience. Pressing the spacebar initiates the game. If I want to double my bet, I hit the ‘S‘ key, while pressing ‘A‘ halves my bet.

To reset the bet to zero, I use the ‘D‘ key. Selecting a random tile is quick with the ‘Q‘ key, and to cash out my winnings, I simply press ‘W‘. These hotkeys make the gameplay smooth and efficient, allowing me to focus on strategy and enjoy the game.

Best Strategies for Mines

Approaches to Mines vary widely, reflecting the game’s blend of strategy and chance. Here I will share some popular Mines strategies I am aware about. Note, that many of these methods apply to other Crash Games as well.

Pattern-Based Play

One popular method involves pattern-based play, where players choose a specific set of tiles to click, adjusting their bets based on wins and losses. For instance, the 4 Mines Strategy suggests sticking to one pattern with four tiles. If losses occur three to four times consecutively, the strategy recommends increasing the bet slightly or changing the pattern. This approach can yield multipliers of 2-4x per win, with the potential for quick accumulation.

10 Mines Strategy

Another strategy some players favor is the 10 Mines Strategy, which involves selecting the center tile among ten mines and using auto bet with a small initial wager. When a loss occurs, the bet increases significantly, sometimes by as much as $170. While the effectiveness of this method is debated, it showcases the diversity of strategies players employ.

Random Selection

Although a bit trivial, the tactic called Random selection, is where players choose two random tiles among ten mines, allowing the auto bet to run without any stop-loss or stop-profit settings. Though the probability of success with this approach is contentious, it remains a preferred method for some.

Low-Risk Strategy

Setting the number of mines to one offers the highest chance of uncovering gems. This strategy provides good short-term potential but has a lower payout potential due to the lower risk involved.

High-Risk Strategy

Maximizing the number of mines in play increases both the multipliers and the volatility. This high-risk strategy is aimed at achieving higher payouts, appealing to those seeking significant rewards.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy involves doubling your bet after each loss and reverting to your initial bet after each win. This approach aims to recoup losses and pursue higher payouts quickly, though it requires careful bankroll management.

1:1 Strategy

In the 1:1 Strategy, I set the number of mines to one and select a single square to bet on. Setting the number of bets to either 100 or 0 (for continuous play) can provide good short-term potential. However, due to the 99% RTP, the odds are not in favor of long-term success.

Use the Keep Mining Feature

After collecting a few gems, the game offers the chance to cash out or keep mining. Utilizing this feature can potentially lead to higher accumulations, allowing players to balance risk and reward effectively.

Tips for Successful Gameplay

Managing bets is crucial. Adjusting the bet size according to the balance and previous outcomes can help mitigate losses and capitalize on wins. Consistency in following a pattern or strategy aids in understanding the game’s dynamics, though flexibility is essential when a pattern fails.

Acknowledging the role of luck is paramount. While strategies can guide gameplay and manage risks, the game’s outcome is ultimately driven by chance. Knowing when to stop is just as important as knowing when to increase bets.

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Fairness of Mines

Doing my research, I found that the Mines fairness has been a topic of debate among players. Some argue that the game creates an illusion of choice, akin to slot machines, where high multipliers appear only because the system permits it. This suspicion arises from the digital nature of the game, capable of adjusting outcomes based on various factors like bet size and Return to Player (RTP) rates.

Many users perceive that the game is rigged to keep them playing, making them feel they were close to winning. This psychological element is common in casino-style games, designed to encourage continued play. Despite these concerns, success stories abound, with some players reporting significant winnings by turning small amounts into large sums. When wondering whether is fair, I suggest considering the following aspect as well.

Provably Fair Mines incorporates Provably Fair technology, ensuring the game’s transparency and fairness. To verify the outcome of each game, players can use the Provably Fair system provided by

The Provably Fair Mines technology allows players to confirm that each result is genuinely random and not manipulated. By checking the cryptographic hashes and server seeds, I can verify that my game results are fair, giving me confidence in the integrity of the game.

Final Words on Mines

No definitive evidence suggests that Mines is rigged. However, its design and player experiences indicate that it operates similarly to other games, where luck and psychological factors significantly influence outcomes. Strategies can help manage risk and potentially boost winnings, but they do not guarantee long-term success.

In my opinion, Mines offers a mix of strategy and chance, making it an attractive yet unpredictable game. Players should approach it cautiously, manage their bets wisely, and remain aware of the inherent risks of online gambling.

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