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SweepSlots is one of the social casinos with games that will have you playing games like you are in a standard casino. The casino boasts a whole lot of slots that you get from standard casinos. In addition to the games you get, the casino provides many exciting ways to grow your count of Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Among the first rewards you get is the SweepSlots no deposit bonus that lets you explore the casino. The range of bonuses does not stop at the no deposit offer, as you have many more rewards as long as you keep coming back.

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No Deposit Bonus

As a sweepstakes casino, SweepSlots is obliged to give you bonus rewards to start you off. The first of these is the welcome bonus. At SweepSlots, the welcome bonus offers you 10,000 Gold Coins, with a token of 5 Sweeps Coins. These are given to you as soon as you finish the signup process.

Signing up is quite simple, and you only have a single form to fill out before you have an account at the casino. While there are social casinos that will add the welcome bonus to a bonus program, SweepSlots simply credits your account with the complete welcome sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus as soon as you have an account. Players should note that they can only play the bonus reward upon opening an account with the casino.

Daily Login Rewards

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Daily Login Bonus SweepSlots

Log in to the casino, and a reward awaits you each day! SweepSlots offers one of the best daily rewards, where you get 500 Gold Coins and 0.5 Sweeps Coins. Members get these from the very first day they get to the casino.

First Purchase Bonus

Once you have claimed the above, you have more rewards to claim when you make your first purchase of Gold Coins. SweepSlots offers an attractive selection of purchase offers that get even better when making your first purchase.

Each player gets two offers that are much better deals than anything else. At the moment, players get 37,000 GC and 30 SC for $19.99. This is the cheapest deal you get at the casino. You also have a second deal that awards 14,000 GC and 14 SC for $9.99. Both of these deals give you 70% off before you have to purchase Gold Coins at their actual price.

A purchase of Gold Coins gives you a token of Sweeps Coins, which come as soon as you make your purchase. Among these, you have packages catering to high rollers, such as the 500,000 GC and 515 SC you get for $500. Offers like these are always popping up as the casino refreshes these every so often.

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One Time Welcome Offers SweepSlots Casino

More Rewards at SweepSlots

A no deposit bonus is one of the bonus rewards players are always looking for. As good as the bonus may be, you also have a whole lot of other rewards that come after the welcome bonus. These need you to log in to the casino as often as you can since some of these expire just 24 hours after rollout.

Social Media Contests

Brace yourself for contests that last a whole week. Grab the most comp points to rank among the players entitled to rewards. Social media rewards come through all the sites where the casino has a presence; these include Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, X, and Discord. The casino has a new challenge each week, so you have to keep checking to see what new rewards you have to claim.

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SweepSlots Social Media – Instagram Profile

Limited Package Deals

With limited package deals, you can purchase coin packages at a lower price than you would normally get them. This also includes the Sweeps Coins you get for such offers. Look out for these; you can win up to 50,000 Gold Coins and 50 Sweeps Coins on a $20 purchase.

Mail-in Requests

Claim SC like they were gotten in the olden days. Send postal mail to the casino, and SweepSlots gives you a decent amount of Sweeps Coins. The best thing about claiming them in this fashion is that you can keep requesting as long as you follow the right process.

Getting the coins through mail requires you to see your letter the right way. Use a postcard, index card, or letter. Include your first and last names on the card and your full address. Your letter should be sent through first-class mail with prepaid postage. The requests are sent to:

Free Sweepstakes Entry
Regal Technologies, LLC
16192 Coastal Hwy
Lewes, DE 19958

Your Sweeps Coins are added to your account as soon as the casino gets your request through mail.


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Promotional Banners SweepSlots

The casino constantly gives away bonus rewards that add to your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins count. Log in to the casino and see what new giveaways you have to claim, as these are advertised on the banners. Click on a banner with a reward you would like to claim the rewards that catch your attention.


SweepSlots is a social casino with the outlook of a standard casino. You can play sweepstakes games from all the best game providers and claim bonus rewards. Members do all this without having to make a single purchase. Sign up for the casino, and you have a welcome reward to start with.

Look out for other bonus rewards once the welcome bonus is done. In addition to the rewards you get at the casino, you also get a range of banking options when you redeem your Sweeps Coins. The casino boasts an interface that makes it easy to find all the games you like, and the bonus promotions are always shown on the banners. Log in to discover new rewards.

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