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Step into the mythical showdown of Eternal Clash, an online slot that bridges the vibrant worlds of sweepstakes and social casinos. Created by the innovative minds at OctoPlay, this game is a battleground where good clashes with evil in a visually striking anime-inspired realm. Here, players will encounter an array of gameplay intricacies and enticing bonus features set amidst a fantastical landscape.

From colossal sword symbols to dramatic free spins, the mechanics of this game promise a riveting experience. Prepare to be captivated by a narrative of power struggles and heroic battles as we delve deeper into what makes this game a noteworthy adventure in the world of online slots. Keep reading to discover the dynamic features and rich tapestry of symbols that await!

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Eternal Clash Slot UI

Gameplay and Mechanics

Eternal Clash unfolds on a 6×4 grid with 25 distinct paylines, providing ample opportunities for wins. The game operates with a Return to Player (RTP) of 95.70%, slightly below the industry average, yet it compensates with medium to high volatility, ensuring that wins, though less frequent, are notably impactful.

Players are drawn into an epic struggle between fantastical forces, with every spin heightening the stakes. Unique to this slot is the ability to play it at Casino, especially appealing to those frequenting sweepstakes and social gaming platforms. The integration of special mechanics like the giant Sword Symbol enhances the gameplay, making each session uniquely unpredictable and thrilling.


  • Low-Paying Symbols:
  • Green symbol
  • Blue symbol
  • Purple symbol
  • Brown symbol
  • Red symbol
  • Yellow symbol
  • High-Paying Symbols:
  • Green female
  • Purple male
  • Orange female

symbol payouts eternal clash slot

Symbol Payouts


Eternal Clash offers an autoplay function, allowing players to set a number of spins to run automatically, which is perfect for those who prefer a more hands-off approach. Bets range from a minimum of 0.1 to a maximum of 80, making it accessible to both low and high rollers.

The game’s standout feature is the Showdown Free Spins, which elevates the gameplay with strategic character engagements and power-boosting swords. Additionally, the slot boasts a maximum win potential of 12,000 times the bet, a figure that’s sure to attract players seeking significant payouts. Whether you’re betting the minimum or aiming for the max, Eternal Clash keeps the excitement levels high.

Bonus Features

Eternal Clash is brimming with dynamic bonus features that significantly enhance gameplay and increase the chances of a major win.

Enter the Showdown Free Spins

Triggering the Showdown Free Spins feature requires landing three or more Scatter Symbols anywhere on the reels. Players begin with 1000 Health Points, with each additional Scatter Symbol adding 500 points, up to a maximum of 2500. This feature transitions the game into a battle mode where characters face off across a 6×1 grid, alternating attacks, and diminishing each other’s Health Points.

eternal clash free spins bonus round

Free Spins Bonus Round

Clash of the Big Symbols

The Big Symbols feature triggers when identical high-paying symbols fill a reel, transforming it into a single Big Symbol that acts as four separate symbols, thereby multiplying potential wins.

Special Symbols

Eternal Clash features several special symbols, each playing a critical role in the game’s strategic depth.

Sword Cuts Through as Wild

The Wild symbol in Eternal Clash is a majestic Sword that can replace any other symbol except the Scatter. It appears as a 1×4 tile, potentially covering an entire reel, and includes multipliers of 2x or 5x to amplify wins.

Shield Your Bet with Scatters

Scatter Symbols are represented by a golden shield with a “Bonus” inscription. These are the keys to unlocking the pivotal Showdown Free Spins, setting the stage for the game’s most thrilling moments.

Visuals That Tell a Story

eternal clash landing slot design

Slot Landing Design

Eternal Clash transports players into an anime-themed fantasy world where the boundaries between good and evil blur amidst a visually stunning backdrop. The design showcases a serene seaside village that morphs into a vivid battle zone during gameplay. The reels are adorned with well-detailed, colorful symbols ranging from mystical characters to powerful elements, all set against the dramatic cliffs and tranquil waters of a mythical land.

Battle Anthems and Heroic Melodies

The soundtrack of Eternal Clash complements its intense visuals perfectly, featuring heroic melodies that enhance the epic atmosphere. As players navigate through the game’s adventures, the music escalates in intensity, mirroring the on-screen action and adding a layer of immersive, auditory excitement to the battle between forces.

Wrapping Up

After a thorough play-through and analysis, our team at Mr. Sweepstakes can affirm that Eternal Clash by OctoPlay is a game that stands out in the crowded field of online slots. Its engaging blend of anime aesthetics and dynamic combat elements ensures a thrilling experience for each player.

The game’s rich design, combined with strategic gameplay mechanics and enchanting audio, make it more than just a slot; it’s an adventure. For those looking for a slot that offers both visual pleasure and the excitement of high-stakes gameplay, Eternal Clash truly delivers. It’s a game that we confidently recommend, thanks to its unique features and captivating theme.

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The maximum win in Eternal Clash is 12,000 times the bet.

Yes, Eternal Clash is fully optimized for mobile devices

Eternal Clash includes a Wild Sword symbol and a Scatter Shield symbol.

Trigger the Showdown Free Spins by landing three or more Scatter Symbols on the reels.

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