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Get ready to ignite your gaming experience with EvoPlay’s sizzling creation, Hot Mania! This 3×3 reel slot game promises an intense and fiery adventure. Watch as the flames of fortune dance across the reels, creating an engaging and visually stunning gameplay experience.

EvoPlay has crafted a game that’s designed to thrill. They’ve stoked the fires of excitement, and we’re about to take you on a journey through its blazing features and gameplay.

Stay tuned for a review that uncovers the magic of Hot Mania, where every spin sparks new possibilities. Discover the game’s unique mechanics, bonuses, and much more in our in-depth analysis.

This review provides a comprehensive look at Hot Mania by EvoPlay with clear details, allowing players to anticipate an exciting gaming experience. If you are a US player and this review sounds interesting enough to give Hot Mania a try, you can check it out in WOW Vegas.

hotmania interface

Hot Mania Slot Interface

Gameplay and Mechanics

Hot Mania offers a straightforward yet thrilling gameplay experience. With a 3×3 reel layout, players navigate five paylines on this classic slot machine.

The game boasts a high volatility level, meaning that while wins may be infrequent, they can be substantial. Sporting an RTP of 96.13%, this title creates an environment of anticipation, making every spin a fiery adventure.


  • Hot: Pays 200x for 3 on an active payline
  • 777: Pays 50x for 3 on an active payline
  • Watermelons: Pays 20x for 3 on an active payline
  • Berries: Pays 10x for 3 on an active payline
  • Oranges: Pays 8x for 3 on an active payline
  • Grapes: Pays 5x for 3 on an active payline
  • Lemons: Pays 3x for 3 on an active payline
  • Cherries: Pays 1x for 3 on an active payline

hot mania slot paytable

Hot Mania Symbol Payouts Evoplay

Interactive Features

The game provides players with opportunities to turn up the heat on the reels, adding an extra layer of excitement to every spin. These elements provide a dynamic and captivating experience, ensuring that each moment spent playing this slot is filled with anticipation and thrills.


For added convenience, the online slot machine includes an autoplay feature. This option allows players to automate spins, making the gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. Watch the flames of fortune dance across the reels after you have selected the desired number of spins.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Buttons

Hot Mania caters to a range of betting preferences. The game offers a minimum bet of 0.50 and a maximum bet of 80 coins, providing players the flexibility to choose stakes that suit their gaming style, from cautious to bold.

hit mania settings

Hot Mania Settings

Bonus Feature and Special Symbols

Hot Mania offers a straightforward and engaging gameplay experience with a single bonus feature, the Booster Wheel. While there are no special symbols like Wilds or Scatters, the Booster Wheel brings its own unique excitement to the game.

Bonus Features

The Booster Wheel Feature

The slot machine introduces the thrilling Booster Wheel feature to ignite your gameplay and potentially boost your winnings.

This bonus activates when you combine 9 identical fruit symbols on the reels, including cherries, lemons, plums, oranges, grapes, or watermelons. Each of these fruit combinations has its corresponding winning value, serving as the Booster Wheel’s initial prize.

When the Booster Wheel feature kicks off, an eight-segmented wheel takes center stage. These segments include:

  • 5 Win Segments: Landing on one of these segments will reward you with a prize equal to the initial value, adding an extra layer of sizzle to your winnings.
  • 2 End Segments: If the wheel stops on one of these segments, it marks the conclusion of the bonus feature, and your accumulated winnings are awarded.
  • 1 Booster Segment: Hitting this segment grants you a prize equal to the initial value and initiates the Booster Mode, sparking even more chances to boost your wins.

the booster wheel hot mania evoplay

The Booster Wheel Hot Mania 

How it works

Here’s how the Booster Mode works: In the beginning, activating the Booster Mode increases all wins in the win segments by one initial prize simultaneously. These win segments can contain prizes like 2x Win, 3x Win, 4x Win, 5x Win, and 6x Win, intensifying the excitement of the game.

The Booster Wheel feature plays with the same bet as the spin that triggered it, ensuring that your potential winnings remain consistent with your initial stake. The outcome of this feature is not determined by the starting positions of the wheel’s rotating light, adding an element of surprise to every spin.

Please note that the Booster Wheel feature doesn’t represent a real-world device, and the segment sizes don’t indicate the probability of winning. However, it does guarantee an exhilarating twist to your gameplay, where every spin promises a fiery boost to your fortunes.

Design and Graphics

Hot Mania presents a retro-inspired design that takes players on a nostalgic journey back in time. Filled with classic fruit symbols, Lucky 7s, and fiery flames, the game encapsulates the essence of traditional slot machines from the late 20th century.

The visual presentation is deliberately simplistic, focusing on vibrant colors and straightforward yet charming graphics. When you achieve significant wins, the fiery animations add a dynamic flair to the otherwise classic design, making every winning moment feel like a blazing triumph.

hotmania slot landing design

Hot Mania Slot Landing Design


The game’s audio elements complement the retro theme with nostalgic sound effects that mimic the mechanical workings of vintage slot machines. The upbeat and energetic soundtrack adds a touch of excitement to the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

Game on Mobile

Hot Mania is optimized for mobile play, ensuring the scorching action is just a tap away. Whether you’re gaming on a smartphone or tablet, the game’s user-friendly interface and responsive design make it easy to enjoy the sizzling reels on any device. The simplicity of the game’s layout translates seamlessly to mobile screens, offering a captivating experience on the go.


With its retro design and straightforward gameplay, Hot Mania delivers a nostalgic yet exciting slot experience. The blend of classic symbols, fiery animations, and an energetic soundtrack creates an atmosphere that harks back to the golden era of slot gaming.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional slots or seeking a touch of nostalgia, Hot Mania’s fiery reels have something intriguing to offer.

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Hot Mania offers a max win potential of 2,200x your stake.

The return to player of Hot Mania is set at 96.13%.

Yes, you can enjoy the free demo of Hot Mania here at

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