Totem Guardians Dream Drop

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Free 1,000,000 GC + 5 SC

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In the realm of online slots, Totem Guardians Dream Drop emerges as a compelling blend of ancient wisdom and modern jackpot thrills, courtesy of Relax Gaming. This unique slot adventure invites players to explore a world where nature and spirituality intersect, offering not just a gaming experience but a voyage into a mystical landscape enriched with totems and guardian spirits.

Engage with Nature and Mysticism

symbol payouts totem guardians

Symbol Payouts

Set against a backdrop of towering trees and mystical mountains, Totem Guardians Dream Drop transports players to a serene setting. Here, a cozy tent and a totem pole laden with powerful multipliers set the stage for an immersive journey. The game’s vibrant 3D graphics bring to life a world where the spiritual and the natural coexist, capturing the essence of North American indigenous cultures and their revered totems.

Dynamic Gameplay on an Expanding Grid

The heart of Totem Guardians Dream Drop beats within its 6×6 grid, which can expand up to 8×8, unlocking up to 1,193 ways to win. The slot operates on a connected ways payout system, rewarding players for clusters of matching symbols. With every win, symbols cascade away, potentially expanding the grid and unveiling new rows for increased winning possibilities.

Totem Multipliers and Free Spins

totem guardians dream drop free spins bonus round

Free Spins Bonus Round

At the core of the gameplay are the Totem Multipliers, which escalate with each symbol removed from the grid, reaching up to a maximum of 100x. This feature, along with a captivating Free Spins round, enhances the potential for significant wins. During Free Spins, all rows are unlocked, and multipliers accumulated in the base game carry over, not resetting between spins, paving the way for exhilarating payout opportunities.

Dream Drop Jackpots

Dream Drop stands out as the jewel in the crown, offering a shot at five progressive jackpots, including the coveted Mega Jackpot with a potential payout of 3 million. Triggered randomly, the Dream Drop bonus transports players to a pyramid-shaped reel set, where filling a reel with DD symbols can secure one of the progressive prizes.

dream drop bonus totem guardians slot

Dream Drop Bonus

Thoughtful Blend of Culture and Slot Mechanics

Totem Guardians Dream Drop is not just another slot game; it’s a thoughtful fusion of cultural homage and innovative slot mechanics. While it delves into themes of spirituality and connection to nature, it also offers a robust slot experience with the allure of progressive jackpots. The game’s high volatility and an RTP of 94% (or 96.1% in the non-jackpot version) promise a thrilling adventure for those who dare to connect with their spirit animals and chase after the dream drops.

In conclusion, this slot by Relax Gaming is an enchanting slot experience that combines the allure of ancient traditions with the excitement of modern jackpot gaming. Whether drawn to its spiritual theme or the potential for substantial wins, players will find themselves immersed in a game that transcends the ordinary, inviting them on a journey where every spin holds the promise of discovery and riches.

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You can win up to 5,000x your bet in Totem Guardians Dream Drop.

Each symbol has an associated multiplier that increases by +1 for every matching symbol removed from the grid during wins. These multipliers can soar up to a maximum of 100x, applying to all wins of the same symbol type.

Yes, players have the option to play a non-jackpot version of the game, which offers a higher RTP of 96.1%. This version focuses on the core game mechanics without the inclusion of the Dream Drop Jackpots.

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