Trees of Treasure

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In the vibrant sphere of online slots, Pragmatic Play’s latest offering, Trees of Treasure, emerges as a beacon of innovation and excitement. Embarking on this journey transports players to the serene Chinese countryside, amidst an immersive soundscape of oriental tunes and a tableau rich with cultural mythology. This game, with its roots deeply embedded in stories of ancient traditions and folktales, offers not just a chance at fortune but an encounter with spectacular symbols and narratives.

trees of treasure interface slot

Trees of Treasure Slot Interface

The Canvas of Play

The slot unfolds on a familiar 5×3 layout, yet it stands apart with its detailed artwork and grid design, enveloping players in a world where wealth hangs from the branches of mystical trees. The Pragmatic Play art team has outdone itself, presenting a game that’s not only a visual treat but also a testament to the developer’s prowess in crafting engaging slot experiences. The slot’s mechanics are straightforward yet compelling, offering 20 paylines of potential wins and a betting range designed to welcome all players, from the cautious to the bold.

A Closer Look at Features

trees of treasure bonus play

Trees of Treasure Bonus Play

At the heart of Trees of Treasure lies its enriching features – the Wild Symbol, Money Respin feature, and Ante Bet. The Wild Symbol serves as a key to unlocking winning combinations, substituting all paying symbols and rewarding players generously. However, the true allure of the game is the Money Respin feature, a thrilling chase for bronze, silver, and gold money symbols that can escalate wins to staggering heights, with values reaching up to 10,000x the bet.

Symbols of Wealth and Fortune

The symbols adorning the reels of Trees of Treasure are a homage to the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, from the majestic dragon to the mystical phoenix, each carrying its own significance and potential for reward. The game’s design does well to balance the allure of high-paying symbols with the steady presence of lower-paying ones, ensuring that every spin holds the promise of excitement and surprise.

treesoftreasure symbols

Pragmatic Play Slot Symbols

Betting Strategy and RTP

Trees of Treasure offers a flexible betting strategy, accommodating a wide range of preferences with its detailed and extensive betting range. The game’s RTP stands as a testament to its fairness, with a default of 96.10%, slightly adjusting with the Ante Bet feature. This feature, at the cost of an increased bet, amplifies the chance of triggering the bonus game, adding another layer of strategy for players to navigate.

Final Verdict

This is more than just a slot game; it’s a journey into a world where the mythical and the real blend seamlessly. Its straightforward gameplay, combined with the potential for significant wins and the beauty of its design, makes it a standout title in Pragmatic Play’s portfolio. While it may not boast a plethora of features or complex mechanics, its charm lies in its simplicity and the thrilling pursuit of those golden Money symbols. In a market flooded with high-intensity games, Trees of Treasure offers a serene yet equally exhilarating alternative.

For those drawn to the mystique of the Asian countryside and the lore of wish trees, Trees of Treasure promises not just a slot experience, but a momentary escape to a land of beauty, peace, and potential prosperity. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of online slots, Trees of Treasure invites you on an enchanting adventure, where every spin could lead to a treasure trove of wins.

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Trees of Treasure is an online slot by Pragmatic Play, set in the Chinese countryside with a 5×3 layout and 20 paylines. It combines cultural mythology with engaging slot features, enhanced by immersive oriental music.

The game includes a Wild Symbol for winning combinations, a Money Respin feature chasing up to 10,000x bet wins, and an Ante Bet option to increase bonus game chances by raising the bet.

Players can choose bets from 0.2 to 240, with an Ante Bet feature to boost bonus round chances. The game caters to various betting preferences with its extensive range.

Its unique Chinese countryside theme, enriched by mythology and straightforward gameplay, offers significant win potential. The serene design and strategic features like Money Respin and Ante Bet make it a distinctive Pragmatic Play title.

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