Editorial Guidelines

250,000 GC + 25 SC on Signup



250,000 GC + 25 SC on Signup



Welcome to the editorial guidelines of Mr. Sweepstakes. We have adapted them to ensure we maintain high-quality, engaging, and informative content for you, our readers. With this document, we aim to be completely transparent about how we create the content brought to you.

How We Create Our Content

Here at Mr. Sweepstakes, we create all of our content in-house. We do not upload user-generated content. We also do not use freelance copywriting services or agencies, all with one purpose – to ensure the quality of our product.

We do not use content-generating tools like ChatGPT or any other AI tool. We also do not use paraphrasing tools or automatic translation software.

What We Check When We Review Sweepstakes Casinos

Our journey has helped us create a strict algorithm when reviewing an online gaming venue and determining the quality of its service.

First-Hand Player Experience

Our specialists personally test each social casino listed on our website. We create players’ accounts, play numerous games, and check the bonuses, customer support, and overall user experience.

Owner Company Reputation

Checking the casino website is one factor when reviewing a brand. However, we consider it crucial to also check who stands behind it. We check all company-related data and if it is publicly available, like registration address, registration number, owners of the company, etc.

Bonus Policies

Many social gaming brands state their bonus offers and terms, but still, we check each offer and whether the casino does what it says. We also look for the fine print to inform you what to expect from the social casino.

Gathering Information

Our primary focus is to give valuable information obtained directly from the source concerned. Even when we hear or see something from a third-party source, we do our own research and review based on our expertise to ensure that all information we upload is genuine. We are not here to share what other people say.

Facts Checking

Publishing anything on our website includes verifying that all data is accurate. Besides checking the content quality, our QA specialists regularly review and monitor all the facts since the online gaming world is changing dynamically.

Target Audience

Understanding our target audience is essential for creating relevant and useful content. We cater mainly to US individuals interested in online sweepstakes casinos, including beginners and experienced players. Our content is tailored to their preferences and needs, addressing common questions and providing valuable insights.

Variety of Content Types

At Mr. Sweepstakes, you will find a range of content types, like:

  • In-Depth Reviews: Get the inside scoop on various sweepstakes casinos with detailed assessments of features, sweepstakes games, promotions, and user experience.
  • Comprehensive Guides: Learn the ropes with our how-to articles, tips, and strategies tailored to sweepstakes casinos.
  • News and Updates: Stay updated with the latest industry developments, game releases, and important events.
  • Engaging Blog Posts: Enjoy unique perspectives and insights on diversified topics related to sweepstakes casinos, casino-style games, etc.

Your Feedback

We try to develop ourselves constantly, so we will gratefully accept your feedback or suggestions for improvement. If you have anything you would like to share, please shoot us a message, and we will respond right away.