Difference Between Sweepstakes Casinos and Real Casinos

If you are confusing sweepstakes casinos with real casinos or, in general, don’t know the difference between them – this topic is for you.

Sweepstakes casinos saw the light of day way later than real money online casinos, so it’s no surprise they are still new to some people. In this article we will cover everything you might not know about them.

How Does a Sweeps Casino Work?

You are maybe aware of what a traditional online casinos is, but wonder what is a sweepstakes casino? Both types of casinos are very similar – the key difference here is hiding in the monetary component.

Once you Sign up at a sweepstakes casino, you typically get some form of free currency for being a new member. Then use that currency to multiply it and make some form of virtual profit.

Well, let’s assume you lose all those winnings – that’s when you go and purchase more Gold Coins (which cannot be redeemed but don’t worry, you also get Sweeps Coins as a bonus for every purchase ).

This is where you’re probably wondering where the difference comes – since, in an online casino, you go through the same exact process.

Well, there’s a slight difference; In a sweepstakes casino, the currency that you purchase (usually referred to as “Gold Coins”) can’t be exchanged back in real cash–it’s a one-way street. The winnings that you make with the Sweeps Coins that you receive as a bonus, on the other hand, can be redeemed for real money prizes.

Of course, in a real casino, it’s a two-way street where you can exchange coins for cash and vice versa.

Which One Can I Play if I am From the States?

Since real money casinos are considered gambling and fall under very heavy restrictions or are straight-up considered illegal, it is safe to say that they are in the gray area and aren’t the safest option out there.

On the contrary, sweepstakes casinos are completely safe to play in the majority of the states (usually forbidden in just a few) + Canada (minus Quebec), so you can play safely in most cases.

Are the Games Different in Any Way?

Both types offer unique and playful games to provide the best experience for the player, but there are still some slight differences between them.

On one hand, online casinos offer a huge variety of sweepstakes games that get updated regularly. This isn’t the case with sweepstakes casinos because they are rather limited in this aspect.

stake online casino slot games

Standart Online Casino Slots

But on the other hand, this limitation allows them more time to polish the games they already have – their graphics tend to be better, which, although written on paper, doesn’t seem to make a difference; it’s definitely a whole another experience once you get in the games and compare them.

Besides, sweepstakes casinos offer some exclusive games that you won’t find anywhere else since the platforms focus on creating their in-house games; still, they do offer different things to play, such as – sweepstakes Slots, Table games, Progressive games and Video Poker.

In both types of casinos, the most played category is Slots – which is a big deal in the sweeps gaming world, where it’s the main category; some sites don’t even offer anything besides slots.

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Sweepstakes Casino Slots

Final Thoughts

Although very similar, sweepstakes casinos and real casinos both have their own piece of uniqueness and excitement. With this article, we’re hoping that you now understand the difference between them and can choose which one to pursue.

Have fun and remember to play safely!

Elina Blagoeva is a member of the Mr. Sweepstakes editorial team. She studied Multimedia and Creative Technologies at the KdG University of Applied Science and Arts in Antwerpen, Belgium.