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Pulsz Casino





200% Gold Coins Increase

  • Massive game library
  • Industry's top game providers
  • Many gold coin bonuses

T&C Apply | 18+ Only (or as otherwise stated in your jurisdiction)


Up to $1,000 in Virtual Credits

  • Massive Number of Games
  • Free Regular Bonuses
  • Nationwide Availability

T&C Apply | 18+ Only (or as otherwise stated in your jurisdiction)



Free Giveaways

  • Exclusive Casino Games
  • Many VIP Benefits
  • Free Daily Bonuses

T&C Apply | 18+ Only (or as otherwise stated in your jurisdiction)



Free Bonus of 1,000 SC + 250 PC

  • Attractive bonus deals
  • Fast prize redemption
  • Allowed in 48 US States

T&C Apply | 18+ Only (or as otherwise stated in your jurisdiction)


chumba logo





GC 10,000,000 for only $10

  • In-House Developed Games
  • Exemplary customer support
  • Spectacular coin deals

T&C Apply | 18+ Only (or as otherwise stated in your jurisdiction)



Free 140,000 Gold Coins + 500 Fortune Coins

  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Fast Checkouts
  • Many Free Bonuses

T&C Apply | 18+ Only (or as otherwise stated in your jurisdiction)

best sweepstakes casinos in the USA


Would you like to know which website has the most sweepstakes casino games? Whether you can win real money playing for free? What about the legality of a particular brand? Or, maybe, you’re here to learn if a popular sweepstake casino offers new bonuses? Whether it is the ratings, promotions, or anything in between, MrSweepstakes has you covered.

Our process of reviewing sweepstakes casinos is a meticulous one – we always perform extensive manual checks for every individual aspect of a gaming brand. This means that every single piece of information you find about a particular sweepstakes gaming site comes from the official source – the casino itself!

What You’ll Find Here?

When it comes to social casino reviews, MrSweepstakes is your one-stop shop for everything! Our mission is challenging, but noble – to provide players with the most relevant information about sweeps cash casinos in the USA and Canada. Our industry-driven research results in the production of genuinely unbiased reviews, which are updated on a regular basis!

Sweepstake Casinos in a Nutshell

Are you a first-timer? Well then, let us give you the skinny – sweepstake casinos are online platforms that provide games for free. That’s right, no need to pay for a membership or bet real money. So what’s the catch? Well, the catch is the casino currency that is used for gaming. While a lot of brands have their “play money” names, the two types of sweeps casino currencies are called “Gold Coins” and “Sweep Coins”. 

Sweeps Coins vs Gold Coins

Gold Coins are the virtual currency that is given away to players by the casino and can be used to play on any sweepstakes casino games offered by the website. Sweep Coins are a “promotional” type of currency that can’t be bought or sold. It is given away for free by the casino. In most cases, sweepstakes online casinos allow betting with Sweep Coins and Gold Coins. 

Sweep Cash is not only rarer and more exclusive to attain, but also has a different value – because the sweeps coins winnings can be exchanged for real-world prizes. Those prizes may include cryptocurrency, gift cards, and in some cases – money! So, basically, you can win real money for free!

Separating Fake from Real Sweepstake Casinos

Online casino gambling is illegal in the USA, and many Americans often find it difficult to differentiate between the two. Now, we get it – there has been a recent boom of illegal foreign casino brands that operate within the USA, and many people often make the mistake of using their services.

On the other hand, sweepstakes online casinos are permitted in most states in the United States, as you cannot play with real money in them. Our experts perform numerous checks to make sure that every sweepstakes casino brand we review here is the real thing. Here at MrSweepstakes, we review only the most reputable and proven USA online sweepstakes brands that have been proven to adhere to State Lottery Laws.

State Restrictions and Availability

In 2018 the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) successfully repealed the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Yeah, but how are sports betting laws connected to online sweepstake casinos? The answer to this question is a simple one – regulation. By repealing PASPA, SCOTUS gave each US state the power to develop, institute, and regulate its own gambling laws.

There are many examples where even a legal brand won’t be permitted in another state because their sweepstake laws differ from those used by the majority of the United States.

Are Sweepstakes Casinos Legal in the USA?

Sweepstakes are legal in the majority of the US, with some exceptions (for more information, check the article for your favorite casino to know if it’s legal in your place of residence). This has been achieved through the fact that players get to play in the Sweepstakes casino for FREE – this way, the casinos comply with the federal laws of the USA, so players can play for fun without having to worry.

Regulation by the State and Federal Government

Sweepstakes casinos and their promotions are subjected to many rules which are enforced by a number of agencies. Those include:

  • The Federal Trade Commission, The Federal Communications Commission, 
  • The United States Postal Service
  • The United States Department of Justice

Given the fact that sweepstakes casinos are also state-regulated, this also allows official representatives such as state attorney generals and district attorneys to have some type of regulatory functions. It is explicitly stated that any sweepstakes casino brand that operates nationwide, must adhere not only to the full list of rules imposed by the federal government, but also to the laws of every individual state. An interesting fact is that there aren’t that many casino brands today that manage to achieve nationwide coverage. 

Why are Traditional Lotteries Illegal?

When sweepstakes casinos started rising in popularity, defining them in a legal way was a bit tricky. Those brands that didn’t meet the federal and state criteria were quickly branded as “illegal lottery” and were subsequently disbanded. 

Lotteries are regarded as illegal in the US unless run by the state. For those of you wondering how a “lottery” is defined, we offer the following simplified descriptions: 

  • A lottery offers a prize (or prizes) for participation
  • The outcome of the lottery is based on random chance 
  • The player uses their own money to participate (or visit a store for a purchase connected to the lottery) 


For a sweepstake casino to be classified as an “illegal lottery”, it needs to adhere to the three principles shown above. On the other hand, if the sweepstakes casino does not fall within a single one of these categories, it will be automatically considered as, for all intents and purposes, legal. 

Legal Online Casinos in the USA – What’s the Difference?

The 2018 decision of SCOTUS opened the online casino world to Americans, but only in some states. This is why, only players from New Jersey, Delaware, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut can play for real money. Until more states come up with their own regulatory practices, the only way for people residing there to play casino games is by using sweepstake brands. 

Even states that allow the use of real money for online casino play, still have a good number of people that enjoy playing in sweepstakes casinos. After all, real money bets can prove to be quite dangerous to someone’s budget, especially if they don’t know what they’re doing. Since you’re not playing sweepstakes online for money, you can always use these platforms and have the chance to win real cash prizes for free.

Social Casino Bonuses Explained

Bonuses in Sweepstake Casinos

Given the “fragile legal nature” of sweepstake casinos, designing and implementing promotions needs to happen with the utmost consideration of state and federal laws. Because of this, there is a good percentage of sweepstake brands today that do not offer bonuses of any kind. On the flip side, though, “free daily rewards” is the most common bonus form among sweepstakes casinos. Because these promotions do not require any purchase, they are considered to be the most legal, common bonus for sweepstakes casinos. 

Sweepstakes Casinos VIP Programs

VIP progression systems are usually a welcome addition for sweepstake websites. There is an element of additional fun when leveling up your account, but not every social casino has it. While the feature itself is entertaining, a VIP program is usually known to provide additional promotions, improved coin-earning mechanics, and many other benefits that players enjoy.

If you wish to know more about the VIP scheme of a specific sweepstakes brand, you can trust MrSweepstakes to provide you with the most relevant information!


If you consider yourself to be a fan of online casino games, you might have noticed a significant difference when it comes to software providers. You see, while the average number of games in real online casinos is around 1,000, the titles offered by sweepstakes casinos rarely exceed over 200 games. You might be wondering – why is that? 

Well, that’s because most software developers aren’t regulated in the USA. Long story short, some of the most popular game-developing companies create software to be used in real money betting – which is Illegal in most of America. So how do sweepstakes casinos offer their games? Well, they usually don’t. In the majority of cases, sweepstake brands develop their own titles, or lease those of a USA-based software production company. 

When Games are Licensed

There are cases when a sweepstake casino may offer some of the exclusive games that are available in real casinos. Attaining legal permission to use those games comes at a very specific tradeoff; namely, the lack of any prizes or gifts. So why do social casinos do it? The answer is simple – those particular social websites dedicate an incredible amount of money and resources, for one specific purpose – marketing. These free casinos are owned by high-value brands that attain revenue from land-based establishments, and their online versions are usually defined as “interactive advertisements”.

Pros of Playing in Sweepstakes Casinos

The first major reason why you should play in sweepstakes casinos is FOR FUN! Because social casinos don’t offer large rewards, the journey of trying to collect sweepstake points seems that much rewarding. Although the majority of sweepstakes casinos offer purchasable play-for-free coins, you can still attain them for free via a variety of bonuses. There are a few other pros you should consider.

Easy Registration

Making a visually attractive and easy-to-use casino interface, is something that sweepstakes operators have been perfecting over the years. This is why today, both first-timers and seasoned players are able to benefit from a number of streamlined processes. Account registration is usually done in less than a minute, and players are ready to engage in any game on the website right after signing up.

If you just want to know the steps of signing up for an account, you can trust MrSweepstakes to provide you with a short and comprehensive guide!

The Original Sweepstake Games

This is a “pro trait” of sweepstakes casinos that becomes noticed by players who have some experience with online games. Believe it or not, sweepstake casino games are some of the most exclusive ones that exist! Because almost every casino produces its own games and rarely leases them to another brand, nearly every sweepstakes website will provide you with a unique gaming experience.

Win Real Money for Free

In most cases, when something sounds too good to be true, it is not. Well, there is an exception when it comes to sweepstakes casinos. You receive sweeps coins for free, and you can redeem everything you win with them for real cash rewards. The only thing that you need to do before the first time you redeem your winnings is to verify your account through KYC procedures.

Variety of Options to Claim Free Sweeps Coins

Most social casinos offer numerous options for you to claim sweeps coins. These include being active on the given brand’s social media, answering quizzes, claiming coins through email requests, and many other forms of being an active player. Most of these platforms provide free coins and rewards if you log in daily to your account.

Intuitive Website Design

Every good sweepstakes casino website has a remarkably simple interface that shows everything. What this means, is right after logging in, you will be able to see every gaming category and info section – on one page. The same principle of simplicity should also apply to the profile settings and additional account management features of the website.

The Cons are Minimal

Well, it’s not all “flowers and ice cream”, but at least the drawbacks of sweepstakes casinos aren’t something to cry over. Perhaps the most significant disadvantage is the lack of quantity and variety of the free social casino games – particularly those from the “table genre”.

Sweepstakes casino slots are always plentiful, but when it comes to all the different card and roulette variants, you might have to search several sweepstakes brands.

On the upside thought, MrSweepstakes always has the most relevant information about the games offered by a specific casino brand. Our reviews will always tell you which genres are available, without even having to visit the platform in question!

mobile social casinos

Devices Compatibility

Here is a fun fact – sweepstake websites are some of the most optimized ones in the online gaming world. Getting new players and retaining them is a hard mission for any sweepstake brand, which is why they go all out when making their platforms accessible to the masses. This includes not only full support for Windows and Mac OS-based computers, but also for all mobile devices running on Android or iOS. 

Sweepstake Casino App

When you hear the term “sweepstake casino app”, you probably imagine something you have to download, right? Well, you won’t be wrong, but this phrase has attained its own meaning in recent years. What the “app” word means now, is a really well-optimized mobile version of a casino’s website. This usually includes a custom-made interface that fits the form factor of any smartphone or tablet. While existing downloadable apps aren’t unheard of, they are too far in between to be classified as a significant aspect.

MrSweepstakes can easily tell you what kind of app is supported by your favorite social online casino!

Purchase Methods

As mentioned earlier, players can use real money to purchase bundles of Gold Coins to participate in the rewards-free social gaming part of the casino. This is when they don’t have the patience to collect their daily rewards. Because of that, sweepstakes casinos in the USA support a variety of banking methods. Some of them include:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • E-Banking Systems
  • E-Vouchers
  • Cryptocurrency

Secure Social Gaming

Although sweepstakes casinos offer free action, that doesn’t mean they aren’t secure. As per state and federal regulations, every active sweepstakes website is protected by SSL encryption protocols, along with a number of other data protection systems. Our website is dedicated to reviewing and evaluating those brands that have proven their protection and are committed to social responsibility. 

Responsible Play

Gaming (even for free) can still prove addictive to some people. Because addictive behavior is a real-life challenge, sweepstakes casinos dedicate a portion of their website to information about social responsibility. Visitors are always encouraged to look through the “social responsibility” section of any casino brand they visit. If you don’t feel like reading through all of that info, check out our MrSweepstakes review on your preferred brand – we will give you the TLDR version of it!

Sweepstakes Casinos are Social

The term “social online casino” is a real one, and many folks decide to join a platform because of the community. Not only are sweepstake brands heavily engaged in managing their own social media presence, but they also allow players to interact with one another. Nearly all platforms even provide a chat lobby feature, allowing registered members to talk with each other, and share opinions about their personal gaming experiences.

One thing to mention about almost every brand is how much sweeps cash casinos tend to stay active in the social media world. Websites post new information daily, engage in social discussion, and always appear active.

Choose Mrsweepstakes for its Honesty

When we create our reviews, we don’t beat around the bush. We understand that not everyone has the time to sift through lengthy pages of terms and conditions, and just want to know the essential facts regarding their preferred USA sweepstakes casino.

We dig through all available information, so you don’t have to! On behalf of the entire MrSweepstakes team, we want to welcome you to our website – remember to have fun!

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Yes, you can win real money by playing with your Sweeps Coins balance. If you are lucky enough and win, you can redeem your winnings for real money prizes.

You can redeem your sweeps cash winnings through gift cards, vouchers, crypto, or as real money. You need to pass KYC verification before that.

Sweepstakes casinos are a form of social casino in which you can play for real money rewards for free. You cannot deposit and play for such prizes with your real money. Instead, you play for them with the free bonuses that the casino provides.

Gold coins are used in sweeps casinos to play for fun. You cannot win real money with them, nor do they have any value.

Social casinos provide sweeps coins as a free gift. You cannot purchase them. However, when you play with them, you can win real cash rewards. You can redeem all your winnings from playing with sweeps coins for real money prizes.

Yes, playing in sweeps casino is legal as these websites do not classify as an online lottery. In other words, they do not organize contests or offer games that offer the chance to win financial rewards with your real money.

You need to be at least 18(or as otherwise stated in your jurisdiction) years old to be able to play on these platforms.

You can play in the majority of states. However, a few prohibit the operation of most sweeps casinos: Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and New York.

The main game category available at sweeps casinos is slots. Some of them offer table games as well.