Play Sweepstakes Fish Games: Comprehensive Guide

Although slot machines are one of the most popular games in sweepstakes casinos, sometimes users want to experiment with something unconventional with different gameplay, such as fish games.

In the next sections, we’ll explain the usual mechanics used in sweepstakes fish games and how to play them. The most exciting thing you should know is that you can win real money for free from these sunken adventures.

Additionally, we’ll advise you which social casinos offer these titles.

What is a Sweepstakes Fish Table Game?

Explained in a few words, these games will immerse you in an aquatic theme where the goal is to shoot a variety of sea creatures. They can drop different amounts of loot depending on the type of sea beast you’ve shot and, of course, your luck.

These games are easy to understand and play, but remember that they are also skill-based, which makes them different from slot games. They fall under the arcade shooting category and can be much funnier than the traditional sweepstakes casino games.

The game mechanics that are present in such games will be briefly explained in the next section.


fish sweepstakes table game

Sweepstakes Fish Game

Game Mechanics


Physics in games refers to the science of motion and force which can often be different from the physics of the real world.

Without them, fish table games will not have the same gameplay, and this is why they are one of the essential mechanics within these games.

Internal Economy

A game’s internal economy consists of the rules controlling transactions involving acquired, used and traded game elements.

The internal economy elements, also known as resources in the fish table games, include:

  1. Ammunition. This is a resource in fish table games, and the amount of ammo depends on your available credit. This resource defines how many times users can shoot within the game world until it depletes. This resource is always rechargeable.
  2. Health bar. This element is one of the most common examples of internal economy mechanics. Some fish table games feature a dynamic UI that shows the current “health” of the creatures. With the help of the health bar, users know how much damage they have to inflict until they claim the creature’s loot.
  3. Collectables. In sweepstakes fish table games, the collectibles are usually in the form of game points or power-ups. A power-up in fish table games could mean a one-time or temporary multiplier booster. For instance, if we acquire a multiplier booster x2 and kill a fish that gives 100 points, we’ll receive 200 points instead.
  4. Weapons. In most fish table games, users can have a different arsenal of weapons available during the gameplay. Every gun is distinguishable and shoots various projectiles; the damage inflicted and the depiction of the shooting will vary depending on the weapon.


These game mechanics include all elements that demonstrate progression, such as experience points, keys that open locked doors, quests, and so forth.

In the sweepstakes fish table games there are many progression elements, besides the points collection, that can help you win when competing against other players.

Usually, the player with the most collected points from “killing” sea creatures would win the competition, and therefore grab the set reward, if any.

Tactical Maneuvering

Tactical maneuvering is the game mechanics that include all kinds of strategies available in the game world to help you win or perform better.

No matter the genre of the game, a smart player always has a strategy to maximize their chance of success. Users can apply a certain approach even in slot games; we’ll explain that in another article dedicated to slot strategies.

The tactics for table fish games include a smart usage of the available ammunition. Shooting around without a strategy could be a good idea for some games, but you definitely need some plan when it comes to fish table games where you can win real cash.

fish table game

Shooting Fish in Fish Table Game

How to Play Sweepstakes Fish Table Games?

As we already mentioned, fish table games are easy to play. However, let us explain the essential details you need to know so you can play fish games more efficiently, thus increasing your chance of winning.

  1. Choose the desired fish table game title.
  2. Set how much ammunition you’ll spend per shot (the amount varies depending on your strategy).
  3. Check if the game title has more than one type of weapon.
  4. Aim towards the moving sea creatures and shoot.
  5. The fish game will sometimes feature auto shoot, which can be used if the player finds it difficult to aim manually.
  6. You can reload with more ammunition at any point during your play.

Tips & Tricks to Know When Playing Fish Table Games

In this section, we’ll suggest some hints & tricks to maximize your chance of winning real money when playing fish shooting games.

  1. Aim for big fish and bosses. This approach may slow down the gameplay as bigger creatures have more health points and die less often. However, aiming for bigger fish may reward you way better than the ones easier-to-kill . This hint is optional, and it’s always a good idea to check what works best for you.
  2. Since you’ll need some skills to play these games, it is important to practice your aim before jumping into the real version of the title. Usually, you can find a demo of the game you want to play on the internet. Just write the game title on Google and try its demo version.
  3. If the “beat the fish” game title offers various weapons, try them all and see which works best for you. The different weapons shoot different projectiles and damage the swimming creatures.
  4. Know your paytable. Every fish table game will have its paytable, similar to slot games where users can check how much a certain fish can pay. If you know your fish, you may win more often.

Strategies may vary depending on the game title. In some fish table games, users play together in real-time and compete for a prize pool.

Where to Play Sweepstakes Fish Table Games?

Now, after you have been introduced to the fish table games and even learned some tricks, let’s continue where such sweepstakes games in the US social gaming world are offered.

Fortune Coins

This is a place where fish table game lovers can catch or instantly “kill” lucrative fish. Fortune Coins is a relatively new sweepstakes casino operating since 2021. The most popular fish game title at is called Emily’s Treasure. This game has a helpful feature that allows players to auto-shoot the fish on the screen.

Emily’s Treasure

You can catch fish of various sizes and prize rewards, respectfully. Prizes can reach up to 120x depending on the creature you shoot at. You can use your special cannon, but note that each shot comes at its costs. You can control it through the Play Level amount, so calculate your shots carefully.


  • Energy Shot. With it all rewards will be doubled for any fish killed. This feature is triggered randomly during the game.
  • Auto Attack. Your cannon will keep firing automatically at the point you select with the mouse cursor.
  • Lock Attack. If you experience difficulties aiming at a specific target, you can benefit from this one. With this feature you can lock your aim at a specific fish and ignore all other ones.
  • Fire Dragon. This will destroy all fish on the screen.
  • All at Once. It will kill all fish of the same type, as the one within the symbol.
  • Group of Fishes. Kills 3 or 4 groups of fish.


Emily's treasure fish sweepstakes table game

Emily’s Treasure Sweepstakes Table Game – Fortune Coins

King Octopus

Developed by from KA Gaming, King Octopus offers an engaging dive into underwater adventures. Its standout features include top-tier shooting mechanics and a diverse gameplay experience, catering to both beginners and seasoned players.

As a fish table game, it does not feature traditional slot elements like reels or RTP, focusing instead on a dynamic shooting experience with a variety of marine symbols that unlock substantial multipliers. The highest value symbol is the Underwater Kings granting rewards up to 368x.

It features generous bet ranges and exhilarating bonus features, such as the Freeze Treasure Box and Drill Weapon, to ensure a thrilling gaming session. This game promises an immersive and rewarding adventure beneath the waves, making it a notable choice in the realm of online fish games.


Funrize is a brand new social gaming venue founded in 2022, where you can play Fishing Kindgom by NetGame Entertainment. You can win up to 500,000 Tournament Coins in this fish shooting game. The game features co-playing with up to 4 players in online mode, “Gather all Bonuses Mode”, “Fight for the Big Boss” feature, and winning network Jackpots.


Playing fish table games can be a fun and profitable experience. We’ve briefly discussed the game mechanics and features typical for this type of game, as well as some tips and tricks you can apply to your style of play. We hope you find these strategies useful to increase your chance of winning real rewards for free.

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