Casino bonus

Exclusive: 100% Match up to 200 SC

  • Vast number of promotions
  • Coins Chat Drop Feature
  • Available in 48 States

T&C Apply | 18+ Only (or as otherwise stated in your jurisdiction)

Exclusive: 100% Match up to 200 SC



Exclusive: 100% Match up to 200 SC


8.5/10 Casino – Exclusive 100% Match Bonus

As a dedicated team at, we continually scour the landscape for emerging sweepstakes casino brands. Our combined years of experience and industry expertise have recently led us to uncover Luckybird Casino, a fresh and promising player in the sweepstakes casino arena.

Exclusive Bonus – Get $200 for Free

By signing up through Mr. Sweepstakes, you will receive an exclusive offer for your first purchase on Lucky bird Casino. Here are the steps needed to get your free up to $200, which you won’t get elsewhere.

  1. Signup on Luckybird from and make a purchase of at least $50.
  2. Get a double amount of GC and SC compared to the default offer. For example, if you purchase GC for $200, you will receive a total of 400 SC.

exclusive match bonus luckybird io

Luckybird No Deposit Bonus

Are you looking to find a new sweepstakes casino offering a huge free signup bonus? Wondering where you can play attractive games for free with the chance to win real prizes?

Luckybird might be just the right place for you with its 2,000 Game Coins + 0,2 Sweepstakes Cash free sweepstakes no deposit. You do not need to apply a Luckybird promo code to claim the offer – signup, login, and the funds will be added to your account.

Quick Facts

📅 Established 2022
🧑 Owner N/A
🏅 Sports No
💰 Purchase Methods XRP, BCH, USDT, LTC, ETH, BTC, Doge
💳 Redeem Methods XRP, BCH, USDT, LTC, ETH, BTC, Doge
🕹️ Games Slots, Exclusive Games
🔞 Age Limit 18+

mr sweepstakes information

The exhaustive list of features and impressive user interface boasts are among the finest we’ve encountered in this niche. In this expert review, we’ll delve into every aspect that is worth your time and attention.

Benefit from our in-depth evaluation that will guide you through the sweepstakes casino bonuses, provide you with a road map for easy navigation, reveal the variety of games on offer, and, importantly, shed light on the enticing prizes and bonuses the platform offers its players.

Stay with us as we unravel the reasons behind the overall score (8.9/10) we’ve awarded Luckybird Casino. Does it deserve such a score? We look forward to your insightful comments at the end of this article.

gomepage navigation interface luckybird

Luckybird Homepage Navigation Interface 

Is Luckybird Casino Legit?

An essential question that often crosses our minds, especially when we are uncertain about a casino’s legitimacy, is whether it is worth our attention. Here, we aim to present what we know about Luckybird Casino, and let you decide its worthiness.

Global Chat

Upon entering, one is instantly struck by the superior quality of the social casino platform. The social environment is truly unparalleled, with a global chat that is constantly abuzz with players enthusiastically discussing their winnings, losses, and even exchanging gifts – a feature that is rather novel to the live chat of a sweepstakes casino.

The casino’s luxurious design and smooth operation bring to mind the popular Bitcoin social platforms like, which begs the question of whether there may be a connection.

luckybird casino homepage interface

LuckyBird Sweeps Casino Global Chat 


But, there are a few things about Luckybird Casino that make us question if it’s trustworthy. For one, there’s no info about who runs the casino on their site, which is unusual for usa sweepstakes casinos. Second, they don’t currently have a privacy policy page on their website. This is important, and it’s something that we should have mentioned.


Also, there’s something else we noticed. The lively live chat on the site is great. It’s active and makes things more engaging. But, we saw some instances where players were using bad language. What’s concerning is that no moderators were stepping in to stop this.

This could lead to a not-so-nice chat environment and might affect the overall experience on the site.

Responsible Play

Another aspect that could be improved is to add a page informing players how to play responsibly and control their gaming habits.

While most reputable brands offer such a page, which does not require significant resources, it is absent in

What do We at Mr. Sweepstakes Think?

provably fair games luckybird casino

Provably Fair Games Luckybird Casino

Given the newness of the Luckybird sweepstakes brand, it’s likely that these missing elements are still in development.

One notable point in favor of Luckybird Casino is that the games at the sweepstakes casino are all provably fair. This means that players can verify whether the game outcomes were fair, which is a positive indication of legitimacy.

It’s evident that considerable resources have been invested in the platform, as the gaming experience it provides is exceptional, most illegitimate sweeps casinos just won’t and don’t put in that level of effort.

Luckybird Casino surpasses big names in the promotional sweepstakes casinos in terms of website usability, appearance, and features. Yet, the question remains: is Luckybird Casino legitimate?

We leave that for you to decide based on the insights we’ve shared and are about to share.

Lickybird Casino Promos and Rewards Guide

We already discussed the free signup offer of Luckybird Casino, but that’s not all! Why deem a platform free unless there’s something available for nothing?

This section seeks to answer precisely that, as we’ve scanned every corner of the social gaming platform to uncover all enticing offers and free coins that may pique your interest. So, let’s explore the bounty of bonuses and contests the “fortunate bird” casino has in store for its players.

Chat Drops

coin drops luckybird casino

Coin Drops Luckybird Example 

The chat feature at Luckybird Casino is not only an exciting social hub, but also presents rewarding opportunities for players. We’ve previously highlighted how engaging and free-spirited it is, but we’ve yet to touch on how players can benefit from it.

The administrators of Luckybird Casino frequently reward players in the chat, making it an unpredictable yet delightful way to score extra rewards.

This reward system, affectionately termed “Rain“, allows players to surprise others with gifts. By simply selecting an amount to drop, between 2 to 50 players can grab a share of either Gold Coins (GC) or Sweepstakes Coins (SC).

Not just restricted to administrators, players can initiate a “Rain” as well, fostering a culture of generosity within the community.

Moreover, the chat feature enables users to send tips to any username and even make the generosity public in the chat. When a drop occurs, a small thumbnail labeled ‘coin drops‘ appears.

Click on it and fulfill the requirement (usually unscrambling words) to claim your reward. It’s a fun, interactive way to enjoy the platform’s social aspect and snag some extra coins.

Luckybird Faucet

A faucet in an online sweepstakes casino refers to a rewards system that endows users with free coins, be it Sweepstakes Coins or Gold Coins. In a similar vein to traditional crypto casinos, Luckybird rewards its members simply for their active participation.

The hint provided in the faucet pop-up reads: “The more active (share, purchase, chat), the more faucet“. It’s crucial to note that the faucet wallets are unlimited but can only be claimed if your balance, either Gold Coins (GC) or Sweepstakes Coins (SC), is zero.

Claiming your faucet bonus at the Luckybird social casino is a straightforward process. Simply select the type of faucet – GC or SC – complete a captcha, and press ‘claim‘. This user-friendly system ensures you can easily benefit from your active engagement on the platform.

luckybird faucet banner

Unlimited Faucet Promotion Lucky Bird 

Luckybird Treasure Chests

The Treasure Chest at is an intriguing feature offering a treasure trove of exciting rewards. Within each chest, you can find a mix of prizes such as Sweepstakes Coins (SC), Gold Coins (GC), additional chests, and Letter Cards, adding up to a bonus pool once a word is spelled out.

An interesting hint is dropped about the future inclusion of NFTs in these chests.

To unlock these rewards, a couple of conditions need to be met. You must have your email set up in your account and have reached at least level 4, a target easily hit by playing with Gold Coins.

Treasure chests can be acquired in various ways, both free and paid. Daily login gift chests (2 for regular users, 3 for VIPs), being active in the chat room, and sharing daily can each earn you a chest. If you’re willing to spend, purchasing $10 worth of items in the store also gets you a chest.

Remember, each chest is valid for 2 weeks, so be sure to open them within this period.

An important detail that we mustn’t overlook is the fact that you don’t require keys to open these treasure chests, but instead, Gold Coins.

To unlock a single chest, a fee of 400 GC is necessary. Interestingly, if you want to open all your chests at once, it costs a flat fee of 800 GC. Given our experience, players often find themselves with more than two chests at a time.

lucky bird casino treasure chests Treasure Chests

Luckybird Cards

At Luckybird Casino, there’s a distinct and thrilling offer that invites players to gather and use Letter Cards. These aren’t your typical game cards; they are keys to unlocking substantial benefits that can significantly enrich your gaming experience.

The underlying charm of collecting these Letter Cards revolves around the rewards they carry. If you’ve managed to assemble the letters to spell out “LUCKY,” congratulations! You’ve just earned a slice of a bonus pool. This means you’ve got a higher potential payout simply from the joy of playing the game.

The perks are even more tempting for those who have achieved VIP status. VIPs enjoy an exclusive privilege where they can triple their bonus. Imagine spelling out three words while 3000 words were spelled out in total during that period, and the bonus pool was 2000 SC.

Your share would be 2 SC (2000 SC * (3/3000)). But, as a VIP, this triples to 6 SC! It’s clear that climbing the ranks to VIP status can seriously amplify your rewards.

lucky bird cards

Luckybird Cards 

Task List

Adding to the variety of features and offers, Luckybird Casino presents its players with a Task List. This list can be found in the burger menu, revealing a straightforward window with two tabs: one listing available tasks to complete, and another for tasks you’ve already accomplished. Initially, you’ll find two tasks: “Set Email” and “Set 2FA“, each rewarding you with 0.20 SC upon completion.

Set Email” is as straightforward as it sounds. You simply need to add your email to your profile and verify it through a confirmation link sent to your email.
On the other hand, “Set 2FA” necessitates Google Authenticator. For this task, you’ll need to add a new secret key, which can be located on the settings page of your profile.

While only these two tasks are present for the time being, we anticipate that additional tasks will emerge as you continue to engage with and build your account. This keeps the platform engaging and rewards-driven.

luckybird tast list

Task List Luckybird 

Luckybird Currencies

If you are already familiar with how sweepstakes casinos operate, you should know what Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins are. Still, in this section, we will cover the topic in detail for those who hear these terms for the first time.

We find it appealing that the two commonly used virtual currencies in sweepstakes casinos have their unique names at Luckybird. Let’s take a look at them.

currencies luckybird

Virtual Currencies at Luckybird Casino 

Game Coins

The virtual currency used for playing for fun only in sweeps casinos, Gold Coins, is called Game Coins at Luckybird. The casino will provide a huge amount of these assets for free, but you also have the option to purchase more.

They do not hold any monetary value and cannot be used outside the scope of the social casino.

Sweepstake Cash

As a casino-game enthusiast, this Luckybird feature should be one of the most intriguing for you. The Sweepstakes Coins, which social casinos utilize, are called Sweepstake Cash here.

You can receive them only for free – when purchasing Game Coins or through the huge number of Luckybird Casino promotions. Most importantly, what you win with them can be further redeemed for real cash prizes.

Game Selection

Indeed, Luckybird Casino specializes in offering two main types of games, both of which are created in-house and are provably fair, as previously discussed.

  • Luckybird Originals: This category houses all the mini-games such as Plinko, Hilo, Crash, and others. These games, while compact, offer a thrilling and immersive experience.
  • Slots: In this category, players can choose from a selection of 14 distinct slot games. Each of these games features different themes, layouts, and mechanics, ensuring a varied and entertaining gaming experience.

games lobby luckybird sweeps casino Game Lobby 

Gaming Experience

With features like full-size games, live statistics, personalized hotkeys, advanced autoplay settings, and a focus on fair play, Luckybird Casino offers an immersive gaming environment.


Our exploration began with a task email claim, and with just 0.20 SC, we were granted access to test all games without any constraints. Curious about how this was achievable?

Luckybird Casino’s range of mini or ‘instant win‘ games allows players to place bets as nominal as 0.0001 SC and GC. This thoughtful provision not only augments the gaming experience but also makes it accessible for both casual gamers and high rollers.

Device Compatibility

In terms of providing a glitch-free and smooth gaming experience, excels even on older devices. The platform features a Frames Per Second (FPS) indicator at the bottom of the slot games.

This function seems primarily designed for slot games, presumably due to their intricate design compared to other Luckybird Original games.


For gamers who enjoy a more laid-back approach, Luckybird offers an advanced autoplay mode. In this mode, players can set multiple preferences to automate their gameplay and ensure no unexpected surprises upon their return to the slot.

luckybird io autoplay settings Autoplay Settings 


Further enhancing the user experience, Luckybird enables players to define custom hotkeys for game controls and monitor their play in real time using the live status feature.

This feature, accessible with a single click, appears as a pop-up on the screen displaying statistics based on the virtual currency currently in use. Switching between currencies is as simple as clicking the coin icons at the top of the screen.

As the gaming landscape is continuously evolving with new sweepstakes casino platforms emerging every month, it’s evident that the focus is shifting towards the quality, not just the quantity, of the gaming experience. is a prime example of this trend, promising an engaging and tailored gaming journey for every player.

hotkeys lucky bird casino

Hotkeys Lucky Bird Sweeps Casino Feature 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Available in 48 States
  • Unique bonus system
  • Exclusive $20 bonus
  • Crypto payments only

Purchase Methods

If you run out of coins at Lucky bird Casino, you have the option to purchase one of the packages available in the coin store.

If you are holding on to classical bank transfers as a payment method, you may be disappointed to hear that Luckybird Casino supports crypto payments only.

So, if you have a wallet in one of the following cryptocurrencies, you will be able to buy a Gold Coin package within minutes.

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Doge
  • LTC
  • BCH
  • USDT
  • TRX
  • XRP
  • XLM

accepted currencies luckybirdio

Accepted Cryptocurrency

How to Redeem Real Money?

Now that you are aware of the free bonuses, the dual coins system, and how to purchase Gold Coins, you may be asking yourself how you can exchange your Sweepstakes Cash for real money.

The process is straightforward at Lucky Bird Casino. Click on the “Redeem” button on the top of your screen, and a window will pop up in the middle. Here, you need to fill in the redemption amount, the address of the wallet you want to redeem to, and the type of cryptocurrency.

The system will calculate the estimated blockchain fee and present it to you in real time so you will know the exact amount you receive. Then, click “Redeem“, and that’s it.


Bear in mind that before you become eligible to get your Sweepstakes Cash, you need to verify your account data by uploading all necessary documents.

Also, you need to have Sweepstakes Cash equivalent to at least $100.

redeem process luckybird casino

Redeem Process LuckyBird Sweeps Casino 


Navigating the financial aspects of an online gaming platform can be a crucial factor in the gaming experience. On, the parameters set in place strike a balance between user convenience and security.

Minimum Redemption

The platform maintains a minimum redeemable amount of 100 SC. While this ensures a certain level of play, it also provides players with a tangible goal to strive for.

Max Redemption Limit

A daily redemption limit of $10,000 is set on the platform, with each transaction capped at $5,000. This keeps a check on the transaction flow, ensuring it aligns with standard financial safety norms.

Purchase Limit

Likewise, the maximum amount that can be purchased in a day is also capped at $5,000. This encourages responsible gaming and protects players from overspending.

By placing these limits and payment structures, ensures a safe and regulated environment for its users, contributing to the overall positive gaming experience.

LuckyBird Casino Features fosters an engaging community atmosphere by showcasing online players, their avatars, and insightful statistics about their wins, losses, and the number of bets they’ve made in both GC and SC.


luckybird winboard

Displayed Winboard Luckybird 

The Winboard is another notable feature on, displaying an array of key information: ‘My Bets’, ‘All Bets’, ‘High Rollers‘, and ‘Rare Win‘. It also allows players to see bet IDs, profits, multipliers, and the option to keep their identity concealed.

What’s more, it encourages users to share their gaming highlights on social media, promoting a lively community spirit.

An hour contest countdown keeps the excitement brewing with its displayed prize pool, ranking, and previous results.

The VIP program and leveling system, which offer an increased rakeback bonus upon leveling up, make for a compelling reason to stay engaged. However, we’ll delve into the specifics of the VIP program in a future article.

Coin Store

The ‘Store‘ section features a ‘Buy’ tab that presents all available gold coin packages, which typically come with complimentary Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash. The spending amount for these packages usually aligns with a 1:1 ratio in dollars.

Additionally, users can redeem their eligible SC to nine different crypto wallets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. However, be mindful of the associated fees.

The ‘Store‘ window also hosts ‘Rain‘ and ‘Tips‘ tabs, which users might already be acquainted with.

coin store luckybird sweeps casino

Coin Store – Lucky Bird Bundles 


The ‘Transactions‘ window, with its diverse tabs like ‘Redeemed’, ‘Rain Received’, ‘Rakeback History‘, and other bonuses and transactions, proves handy for players to manage resources and keep track of their game-related finances.

This feature ensures players are always informed about their giving and receiving while enjoying their time on

With its array of features, doesn’t just offer games but a comprehensive and immersive gaming community that appeals to a variety of players.

Restricted States

A positive sign we found about Luckybird Casino is that it is one of the most widely accepted sweepstakes casinos in the US – it is available almost nationwide! Only two states restrict it from operating – Washington and Idaho.

Mobile App

Are you curious to find out whether you can play Luckybird Casino on the go? Despite the fact that the sweeps cash casino does not offer a dedicated mobile application, it is fully optimized for most smartphones and tablets.

So, whether you use an Android or iOS device, you can play from wherever you are as long as you have internet access.

luckybird io mobile Mobile

Customer Support

Almost every player eventually comes to the point of needing support assistance in an online casino gaming site.

In such a case, you can start with the extensive FAQ section at Lucky Bird Casino. You will find the main topics most people search for categorized on the left of your screen, so you can easily find the topic of your interest.

There might be cases when you are requested to upload documents or other data required by the social gaming platform. In such cases, if you prefer to use an email communication channel, you can use the official Luckybird mail option.

Support email: [email protected]

Live Chat, the newcomer in the social casino space, emphasizes user satisfaction by providing a 24/7 live chat feature. Players seeking assistance need to either choose a name or stick with the default username, input their email, and jot down their queries. Upon completion, they can initiate the chat by clicking the ‘Start Chat‘ button.

Interestingly, Luckybird’s live chat service appears to be powered by Zendesk, a highly popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, frequently employed by online sweepstakes casinos.

Considering other sweepstakes casinos, live chat support is not a common feature. Hence, the inclusion of this real-time support demonstrates Luckybird’s commitment to enhancing the player experience.

live chat luckybird

Live Chat Support

FAQ’s Page

Further, there’s a comprehensive FAQ page dedicated to addressing the most common player queries, providing easy access to key information. For any additional concerns, players can reach out via the provided email address, emphasizing the brand’s customer-centric approach.

In a bustling digital casino space, the presence of round-the-clock support and extensive self-help resources clearly underlines’s commitment to delivering a stellar user experience.

luckybird faq page

Luckybird’s FAQ Page 

What Other People Say?

The first place we check out to see how players see Casino is Trustpilot. Here, things do not seem not that rosy, as the site has an average rating of 2.3 given by 57 players.

Most of the complaints are that the games are rigged, and you win when you bet with small amounts, and lose when you set high bets. We find it a bit strange since Luckybird Casino offers provably fair games, the outcome of which is verifiable quickly and easily.

We also found another forum where most comments are positive or neutral, so it seems that players give mixed feedback.

Still, consider checking the reviews yourself as well before playing.

luckybird io trustpilot reviews Trustpilot Reviews

Final Thoughts

Our team at Mr. Sweepstakes has thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the  platform. Its extensive array of mini-games and carefully curated selection of high-quality slots that offer a wide range of gameplay styles are truly commendable. As a matter of fact, it ranks as one of the most engaging social casino platforms that we have explored to date.

However, we must hold back from bestowing the highest overall score due to certain omissions in critical information. Important details, such as the casino’s approach to member privacy and the identity of the casino owner, are not clearly delineated. These elements are crucial for player confidence and the overall reputation of the casino.

We firmly believe that, as a free sweepstakes casino, should promptly address these gaps in information to ensure a transparent and trusting relationship with its members and pave the way for a bright future.

It’s essential to mention that while there are areas requiring clarification, we find it highly unlikely that the platform could be fraudulent. The notion of someone crafting a near-perfect casino experience only to deceive people lacks both logic and evidence.

Luckybird Casino demonstrates immense potential with its exceptional features, and we hope it continues to enhance its platform while providing the necessary transparency to its users.


Yes, is a sweepstakes casino, so if you play with Sweepstakes Cash, you can win real crypto prizes.

You can purchase Gold Coin packages in Luckybird Casino only with cryptocurrencies. The social casino supports some of the most popular ones like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and many more.

Yes, you can benefit from the free 1000.000 GC and 0.2100 SC upon signup.

Yes, you can safely play at Luckybird Casino from most US states, apart from Idaho and Washington.

You can enjoy slots, Plinko, crash games, and other casino-style games for fun with Gold Coins, or for the opportunity to win real prizes with Sweepstakes Coins.

Currently, there isn’t a Luckybird Casino mobile application, but you actually don’t need any. The casino-style gaming site is well-optimized for both iOS and Android.

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    i am not a good writer by any means but what i say here is 100% true and accurate if you can understand me, i have adhd and very bad at explination…

    Flybird (chat room moderator, employee, something else??) the sketchyness of the site, lag at rediculous times, games refreshing in the middle of play (loss of bet with no persistance to restart where left off in that bet total loss, NO Reimbursement) support, Rico, dont care or take any issues seriously, brushes you off with rediculous answers to begone with you. bet low, game runs smoothe, bet a little higher, game becomes glitchy, stalls out for no apparent reason but devious ones as when it stalls its always a negative outcome of the bet. [email protected] is never responding to the issues Rico(live chat support agent) does not take care of.

    You get banned in chat if you mention any of your social site names you go by, you get banned for begging, this is understandable. you are allowed to give tips to other players wich will always bring a series of trading, borrowing, giving scenarios… but that being said, you get banned for breaking any rules selectively but the punch line is, breaks its own rules in many ways… whatever is convienient for them… one instance of them breaking their own rules is it states: no tradeing etc of currency allowed… yet you can tip other players etc… this is only one of MANY…

    yes you CAN win here but in my opinion they have to let some win or none would play, but for the most part, i would bet my life, my LIFE that they scam money consistantly all day every dayy through various ways… ive lost and ive won, i do like this place but theres unacceptable devious happenings here that are very apparent…

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    So far the only take back I have is the chatroom lag.

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    The minimum ber on keno

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