What Are Sweepstakes Coins in Casinos?

Have you heard of sweepstakes casinos and their Sweeps Coins? If you wonder what exactly they are, how they work, and how you can win them, read on.

What are Sweepstakes Coins in Casinos?

In short, Sweepstakes Coins are a way of winning money rewards in social casinos. You cannot purchase them, so you can only receive them as a bonus from the casino.

Gold Coins vs Sweepstakes Coins

In order to understand what Sweeps Coins are we need to first give you an idea of what Gold Coins are and what their usage is in the sweepstakes casinos.

They are a virtual currency that you can purchase via the site’s store and play games with them for fun. You cannot win any real money rewards with them, though. Social casinos often offer them as bundles, which include a given amount of Sweeps Coins as a bonus.

While you cannot play with Gold Coins for real prizes, you can use the bonus SC  for this purpose. When you play with them, the Sweeps Coins that you win are the ones that you can redeem for real cash rewards. So, your sweeps funds can be redeemable or non-redeemable. Your winnings can be cashed out, while the bonus amount of coins cannot be redeemed, until they are wagered at least once, as in most sweepstakes casinos.

sweepstakes coins vs gold coins

Differences Between Gold and Sweeps Coins

How to Earn Them?

Now that we have gone through what Sweepstakes Coins are, let us see how to claim them. We have already discussed the most widely spread method – via purchasing GC and receiving SC as a bonus. There is, however, a variety of other options on claiming them.

Sign Up

Most social casino platforms will load your account with Sweeps Cash as soon as you register your account. You can use it to test the casino’s game selection and consider your overall experience. This is very good, since it allows you to try and win cash rewards from the get go.

Daily Login

If you are active in the casino, log in daily, answer quizzes, and play your favorite games, sweepstakes casinos will boost your sweeps balance on a daily basis. This is done in order to motivate you and excite you about logging on daily.

Social Media

Being social casinos, it is no surprise that these platforms organize different tournaments and giveaways, providing different amounts of Sweeps Coins to their community. It allows you to join the community and interact with the casino and others like you, but it also gives you the chance to win some sweepstakes casino bonuses for free.

Claim Via Mail

Another common approach sweepstakes casinos use is to grant free sweeps cash on an email request. Each casino describes thoroughly on their website what you need to write to them via mail to receive your reward. Although this method takes longer, it is worth it since it also verifies your authenticity.

Final Words

Sweepstakes casinos are gaining huge interest. This is expected since having the chance to win real money for free is unprecedented. By developing the industry, we expect casinos to be more generous in their promotions and grant more and more free sweepstakes coins to their users.  We hope that with this article, you now understand what Sweeps Coins are and how they work. Use our tips for earning them, and have fun.

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