Pulsz Bingo Rooms: How to Compete and Win Big?

Are the Pulsz Bingo rooms offering a chance to win big? Are you wondering what the main difference between Pulsz & Pulsz Bingo is? Well, the latter brand offers an exciting and immersive online bingo experience for players who enjoy the thrill of competing and the chance to win big.

With a variety of bingo rooms available, an intuitive interface, and top-notch customer support, Pulsz Bingo is the ideal platform for both new and experienced bingo enthusiasts. Sounds interesting? Read on then – in this topic, we will cover all details regarding the bingo rooms of Pulsz Bingo.

pulsz bingo homepage interface

Pulsz Bingo Homepage Interface 

What is Pulsz Bingo?

If you are new to this online gaming site, you may wonder what exactly it is. Created in 2022, it is a relatively new sweepstakes casino, offering many casino-style games, bingo, and keno games. It is the subsidiary site of Pulsz.com, one of the most popular sweeps casinos in the US.

Getting Started with Pulsz Bingo Rooms

In case you do not have an account, you must first register for an account. The process is straightforward, and the best part is that you will receive free coins upon signing up, so you can test the different games for free.

What are Pulsz Bingo Rooms?

Pulsz Bingo has put a significant effort into enhancing your bingo gaming experience. If you visit the site from a desktop device, you can access the bingo rooms through the “Bingo” button on the left, while on mobile, they will be listed in the “Play Bingo” section on the top of your screen.

There are four sweepstakes bingo games available each day. You can participate in all of them both with Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins.

  • Route 66
  • Bingo Blast
  • Big Apple
  • Golden Gate

bingo rooms pulsz bingo casino

Pulsz Bingo – Bingo Rooms 


You can check the filtering and sorting button on the top right in the bingo lobby. It is a convenient feature allowing you to filter the contests by the number of balls or sort them by numerous criteria, such as starting time, prize, ticket value, etc.

Select your preferred bingo room, and it will display the available tickets. You will also see important game information like the number of participants, ticket price, and the time left to start the current bingo session.

If you have trouble seeing the numbers, you can increase the ticket size through the button with the magnifying glass symbol.

Another useful feature we found is that the bingo rooms you have entered will be displayed in small circles under the search bar on the top of your screen. By clicking them, you can easily navigate through each one. You can enter up to 3 rooms at a time.

pulsz bingo features

Pulsz Bingo Features

Pre-enter Tickets

Of course, you are not obliged to wait for a given session to start to participate in it. When opening a given bingo room, click the “Pre-enter” button on the bottom right. Here you can select as many bingo sessions and tickets as you wish. You can make your selection through 5 buttons.

  • Room: pick up one of the available rooms.
  • Prebuy Filter Feature: you can set filtering criteria by progressive jackpot, community jackpot, physical prize, fixed jackpot, and more.
  • Date: Pulsz Bingo allows you to select a bingo session within the next 30 days.
  • Time: There are bingo sessions throughout the whole day, so you can select the desired time from the available intervals, separated by one hour.
  • Number of Tickets: you can make a bulk buy through the button with the “-” and “+” sign.

Mini Games

Accessing a bingo room from dekstop gives you an additional advantage – while waiting for a session to start, you can play one of the mini-games, which you can see on the right of your screen. Selecting a game won’t open a new window, so you’ll play directly in the bingo room.

There are 30 titles available, developed by Pragmatic Play, Playson, and 3 Oaks Gaming, to name a few. You will see popular game titles like Wolf Gold, Pirate Chest, Epic Joker and Aztec Fire. There is also a neat option to switch the game to full screen.

pulsz bingo mini games

Pulsz Bingo Mini Games 

Strategies for Competing and Winning Big

We went through the features of the bingo rooms in Pulsz Bingo. Now let’s check some tips for increasing your chance of winning.

  • Pick less busy times: Playing during off-peak hours can improve your chances of winning, as fewer players compete for prizes.
  • Play multiple cards: Increase your chances of winning by playing multiple cards in each game. Remember that managing multiple cards can be challenging, so find a balance between the number of cards you can comfortably track and your odds of winning.
  • Look for patterns: Some bingo games have special patterns that offer additional prizes or jackpots. Be aware of these patterns and try to cover the required numbers to increase your chances of winning big.
  • Utilize pre-entered tickets: Take advantage of Pulsz’s pre-enter ticket feature to ensure you don’t miss any games, especially those with big prizes or jackpots.


With this topic, we aim to clarify any ambiguities regarding the Pulsz Bingo rooms, what they offer, their different features, and how you can utilize them. We also shared some tips on how you can increase your chances of winning, so good luck with your bingo sessions.

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