Can You Make Real Money on Fliff?

Fliff operates as a distinctive gaming app, combining social interaction and sports pick sweepstakes. Users of the platform can opt for casual play or compete for cash rewards.

Fliff Coins are exclusively used for making picks, while Fliff Cash can be converted into actual cash prizes upon accumulating a certain amount. This piece aims to explore some of the various methods available to you for earning real money through your participation on Fliff.

How to Make Real Money Using Fliff

The Fliff platform is accessible in most states, irrespective of the legal status of sports betting in those regions. Fliff’s ability to allow for enjoyable play while earning real money without requiring a purchase makes this inclusivity possible.

As a result, Fliff offers accessibility for users in 42 states, with a few others designated specifically for social play. So, we’ve highlighted some methods through which you can genuinely earn real money on Fliff.

Claim Free Fliff Cash and Compete to Win Sweepstakes Prizes

Fliff doesn’t require a purchase, nor does it demand credit card information. However, you engage with the app according to your preference, whether it’s for Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash, or a combination of both.

Each time you make a sports pick, you can opt to place that pick using either Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash. When utilizing Fliff Cash, your winnings can be redeemed for prizes or used to enter sweepstakes. Moreover, making picks with Fliff Cash earns you additional XP (Fliff’s reward points).

Additional perks are at your disposal. During special promotional periods, you can earn Fliff Cash by referring a friend to download the app.

fliff casino app fliff cash and fliff coins

Fliff Virtual Currencies 

Buy Gift Cards With Fliff XP Rewards Points

What exactly is Fliff XP? XP stands for “experience points,” and in Fliff, the rewards program utilizes XP as its currency. You can acquire Fliff through at least three methods:

  1. Winning sports picks (the earned XP amount depends on your wager; you receive 1 XP for every 1,000 Fliff Coins played).
  2. Completing daily challenges
  3. Purchasing Fliff Coin Bundles

Fliff XP enables you to earn gift cards and exclusive offers from well-known brands. As one would expect, these brands collaborate with Fliff, and they include names like AirBNB, Chipotle, and Domino’s.

As you accumulate XP, you reach milestones and unlock free Fliff Cash incentives. For instance, gathering 1,000 XP allows you to claim $10 in Fliff Cash.

Reaching 2,000 XP provides you with $25 in Fliff Cash. Additionally, achieving 5,000 XP equals $50 Fliff Cash, and attaining 10,000 XP grants you $125 Fluff Cash. You can utilize Fliff Cash to enter sweepstakes (offering real cash prizes) or to purchase gift cards from popular brands.


You can potentially earn real money on Fliff by entering sweepstakes and winning contests. Correct picks on Fliff don’t give you real money, but they get you gift cards such as Loyalty Rewards and more Fliff cash. This lets you enter more contests and boosts your chances of winning significant real-money prizes.

Yes, Fliff adheres to the same limitations and supervision as other social sportsbooks featuring sweepstakes casinos.

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