Can You Play Keno and Bingo at Winstar Online Casino?

With the abundant gaming selection of Winstar Online Gaming, your options as a US player are vast. Wondering whether there are Winstar Keno and Bingo games? Yes, and here we will cover the variations of these games available and how to play them at Winstar social casino.

winstar keno bingo

Winstar Online Gaming Keno

Winstar Keno and Bingo Online Games

As a keno and bingo lover, you have 7 game options at Winstar Online Gaming. You can see the full list by clicking on the “Keno” button at the casino’s navigation menu at the top. Let’s check some of them.

Prairie Thunder Keno

Our list of Winstar Casino keno games begins with this prairie-themed keno features a multiplier and a free spin bonus that can increase the multiplier even more. You can pick from 3 to 10 numbers in the range of 1 to 80. As in the standard keno game, 20 balls are drawn, and your winnings depend on how many of them match your chosen numbers.

The game incorporates two symbols – wolf and horseshoe. If numbers drawn by the game match the 2 symbols that have the wolf symbol, your winnings will be multiplied by 4x. If the numbers match 4 symbols with horseshoes, you get 10 free spins. If the numbers match all 5 horseshoes, you will play 12 free spins.

prairie thunder keno

Prairie Thunder Keno

Empire Action

Empire Action is a simple New York-themed bingo game that combines the chance to win big prizes with some additional features. Before every round, you have to place your bet. Note, that the amount you pay will be multiplied by 4x, since you play with 4 cards. Each card has 15 numbers on it ranging from 1 to 90. Furthermore, 30 balls will be drawn and the ones that match your numbers will be marked out. There are predefined patterns and if the marked numbers match some of them, you win. Each one of the multipliers is as follows.

  • Single line – 4x
  • Curved line: 8x
  • Up or down arrow – 15x
  • Two lines – 40x
  • Full card – 500x

empire action

Empire Action Bingo

Ancient Thunder

Ancient Thunder features an 80-spots card with 15 bonus spots, 2x multiplier, a bonus wheel and free games mode. You can activate additional free games and increase the multiplier in the free games mode. On the left side of the board, you have four ancient Greek Gods: Helios, Athena, Zeus, and Poseidon.

You can choose between 2 and 10 spots from the card and the 15 bonus ones will be selected randomly by the game. Each time you hit a bonus spot, it will be marked on the left side of the grid. If you fill in the legend, you will receive the bonus of its corresponding character.

Tropical Vacation Keno

The title of this fun keno game explain almost everything you need to know about its look and feel – you’ll dive into a world of sun, blue sky, water, beach and palms, with a 10×8 grid. Additionally, it features a bonus game where you can hit lucrative multiplier rewards.

Tropical Vacation’s gameplay consists of choosing 10 numbers from the 80 available. Then, the game will draw 20 random numbers. At this moment, you will notice the turtles waggling in some of the spots. These are the bonus symbols through which you can trigger the Tiki Bar Bonus by matching at least 3 of them. This is what makes Tropical Vacation Keno advanced compared to the regular keno game.

tropical vacation keno

Tropical Vacation Bingo

Jungle Treasure Keno

Dive into a wild world of lianas, palms, and gemstones with Jungle Treasure. It is another keno game utilizing an 80 spots grid with 3 pyramids representing the bonus symbol. Match all 3 of them, and you will trigger the Jungle Treasure Bonus.

During the bonus round, you pick 5 random multipliers. They are represented by gemstones of different colors, ranging from 2x to 12x. When you select them, you will return to the game with the gems listed on the left of the grid, arranged from the lowest to the highest. The bonus round continues until you hit all 5 gems.

jungle treasure keno

Jungle Treasure Keno

Mega Ball Action

If you want to win big, you should check out the popular game show available by Evolution. Colorful graphics emphasize the bingo ball drawing machine from which you can pick numbers between 1 and 51.

All you have to do is place your stake for the card’s value and select your numbers. Then, the game will draw 20 balls with a Mega Ball drawn after the last one. It has a multiplier ranging between 5x100x. If you complete a line with the Mega Ball your winnings can reach up to 1,000,000x.

mega ball action

Mega Ball Action

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