Can You Win Real Money on Funrize Casino?

Since you are here, you have probably encountered Funrize Casino somewhere on the web or registered for an account there. When players come across a new sweepstakes gaming site, they expectantly ask themselves if they can actually win real prizes on it. So, today we from Mr. Sweepstakes will address the question – can you win real money on Funrize Casino?

Is Funrize a Real Money Casino?

To answer the question straightforwardly, no, it isn’t. As a sweepstakes casino, it does not offer direct money deposits and gambling with real money.

Such activities are prohibited in almost all US states, so sweeps cash casinos need to be strict with the local law. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t win real-world prizes from these sites.

funrize interface

Funrize Casino Interface

Can You Win Real Money on Funrize?

So, to conclude the previous section, yes, you can win real money on Funrize. You can even do so completely for free. Wonder how this is possible? Well, the two tokens the site uses for playing the sweepstakes games allow this.

The Tournament Coins are worth nothing and cannot be exchanged for cash. Apart from the free ones Funrize grants, you can purchase as much as you wish and play for fun.

The other virtual currency, the Promotional Entries, is given by Funrize for free through different promos, or when purchasing Tournament Coins. They are your ticket to real money rewards, as they can be redeemed for real money.

What if I Run Out of Tournament Coins and Promotional Entries?

So, we cleared that you need to play and win with Promotional Entries to win real money. But how can you ensure you constantly have enough funds, apart from purchasing Tournament Coins from the Funrize Coin Store, as previously discussed. Let’s find out!

funrize coin store

Funrize Coin Store

On-site Promotions

First things first – when you create your account at Funrize Casino, you’ll get 125,000 Tournament Coins for free.

Moreover, the casino-style gaming site grants you the opportunity to win Tournament Coins and Promotional Entries for free daily through the Funrize Wheel. You can spin it once every 24 h with the chance to win up to 250,000 Tournament Coins + 500 Promotional Entries.

You can also get a 900,000 TC + 2,500 PE reward for referring a friend to Funrize.

funrize casino promotions

Funrize Casino Promotions

Social Media Contests

You will surely benefit from following Funrize Casino on social media. There are different contests posted almost daily, through which you can win both TC and PE.

Mail Requests

Since Funrize is a legitimate sweepstakes casino, it provides the so-called AMOE (Alternative Method of Entry). It is a common free way to obtain Sweeps Coins (Promotional Entries in the case of Funrize) through mail requests. You can send one every 24h for the reward of 100 Promotional Entries.

Does Funrize Pay Real Money?

We’ve discussed how you can win real money on Funrize Casino, but does the site really pay your money? We first researched all customer reviews and feedback we could find since if Funrize has an issue paying out players’ winnings, many would complain about it.

We checked the users’ feedback on Facebook and Trustpilot, and we noticed that there aren’t many negative reviews. The little ones we saw weren’t complaining about the site not paying their winnings, but we noticed some regarding slow payouts – up to 7 days.

We tested the redemption time by yourselves, and we can confirm that it might take a while, but we did not experience a case of Funrize not paying at all.

So, let’s see what redemption options are supported at this sweeps casino.

can you win real money on funrize casino trustpilot

Can You Win Real Money On Funrize Casino Trustpilot

Bank Transfer

We would hardly surprise you if we mention that bank transfers are the most preferred option. It is worth mentioning that 100 Promotional Entries equal $1, and you can begin a bank transfer redemption if you have at least 10,000 PE ($100).

After all verification checks of your account prior to your initial redemption have passed, you will receive your funds directly into your bank account.

Gift Cards

As mentioned above, redemptions in gift cards are also subject to a rate of 100 PE for every 1 USD. You will again need to pass all verification checks before your first redemption. After that, you will receive your winnings in the email you have provided in your account.

Final Words

If you’ve ever asked yourself if you can win real money at Funrize Casino, today you were at the right place. We’ve covered the topic in detail, including info on how you can win real prizes, why this is possible, and what are your options to get your sweet winnings.

So, based on the research and analysis of our team of experts here at Mr. Sweepstakes, we can conclude that you can win real money on Funrize. Have fun, and may the luck be with you!

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