Promo Codes is a sweepstakes casino with a reputation for exciting games and lots of bonus rewards. The platform offers hundreds of free-to-play games, giving you the Vegas experience from the comfort of your home. boasts a host of features to keep players engaged when they get to the casino.

With a generous no deposit bonus to get you started and many other offers along the way, there is a lot to like about the casino. In this article you’ll learn how to access and redeem promo codes, enhancing your gaming experience

chanced casino sweepstakes casino interface Welcome Bonus

Sweepstakes casinos have to give you a welcome bonus with no deposit requirements for them to be free-to-play. At, this reward is a whole batch of Gold Coins that should keep you wagering for a while before replenishing your supply. New signees get 10,000 Gold Coins to play any games on the platform. Your coins are added to your bankroll as soon as you are done signing up.

The reward also comes with Sweeps Coins that you get once you are done with some simple tasks. Get done with the tasks and have your sweepstakes credited to your account. You have 6 tasks to choose from, but doing 4 gets you the 2 Sweeps Coins promised when you signed up. The tasks you have to complete include:

  • Follow on Instagram
  • Follow on Telegram
  • Follow on Facebook
  • Subscribe to’s YouTube channel
  • Follow on X
  • Join the Discord Server

While you get your 10,000 GC to enjoy once the sign-up process is done, only these tasks can earn you the 2 Sweeps Coins included in the welcome bonus. You must complete these before the welcome bonus expires; otherwise, you won’t get the reward.

casino chanced landing page Casino Landing Design

Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is the first reward you get after the welcome bonus. As you may have noticed from sweepstakes casinos, you often have a bonus that you collect each day you log in. At, the bonus reward matures every 24 hours and lets you claim SC and GC.

Click on ‘Daily Bonus‘ on the hamburger menu on the left edge of the screen. The amount of daily rewards you get depends on your activity at the casino. Play more games on Sweeps Coins to gain more on your daily rewards.

Chanced Chat Bot Rewards

The chatbot at the casino has some rewards for you when you click on it. You can find the chatbot at the bottom left of the screen. Click on this and follow the prompts to claim your rewards.

Chatbot rewards are given to players at every turn, and you can have these on your account whenever you please during the day. While you can only collect these once for a set period of time, they are a way to increase your bankroll.

Chanced Coin Purchase Offers

gold coins wallet chanced com

Gold Coins Wallet Casino

If you are playing at a social casino, you are probably running out of coins for every game you play. You will need to purchase more coins sooner or later. Getting coins is easy at, and it comes with an offer of Sweep Coins for every purchase you make. Grab more coins by pressing the ‘Buy‘ button at the top right of the casino’s page. While the purchases renew your Gold Coins, the casino offers Sweeps Coins as a token.

Offers start at $5, which gives you 5 free Sweeps Coins and the 50,000 Gold Coins you will be purchasing. Of course, there is a deal that suits you better than the rest of these, you just need to check to see.

One of the most popular purchases at the casino includes the $20 coin purchase that awards you 20 SC and 200,000 GC. A deal like this gives value to your purchases that you will not find buying coins at other casinos. There are many other deals, including one where you get a whopping 3 million Gold Coins and 300 free SC. The deals are refreshed often, so you would need to check what deals are available to you when you check.

More Bonus Rewards and Promo Codes

Aside from the promotions you get from the promotions page, there are plenty of other rewards players can claim at the casino. These come from social media rewards and referral bonuses, among others. These are simply more ways to get SC and GC into your account:

Social Media Competitions and Giveaways

chanced sweeps casino instagram Sweeps Casino Instagram

As you would expect from social casinos, the site offers some bonus rewards you can claim just for being part of the social media community.

Follow the casino on all social media platforms since it has a presence on X, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and Discord. The casino is always launching bonus rewards on its social media pages that often expire in a day. You need to look out for these to get more coins.

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges have a section of their own. These are quests that you take on each day when you log in to the casino. Play these and claim rewards at the end of the day. There is a leaderboard letting you know where you rank.

Daily challenges can win you hundreds of Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Rank among the players to be awarded to get a piece of the prize pool from daily rewards.


Playing at is one of the best feelings for players who enjoy casino games. For one, you don’t have to spend any money to enjoy the games. You also get a whole gamut of sweepstakes games and not just slots.

The bonus rewards at are decent, and players will rarely have anything to complain about when they are finally signed up. Enjoy the range of games and play promotions, and you could soon be cashing out to claim real prizes and gifts.

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