Chicken Ranch Casino Resort Unveils Family-Friendly Arcade with Cyber Quest

The upcoming Chicken Ranch Casino Resort, set to open in the summer of 2024, is making headlines with its recent partnership with Cyber Quest, a premier family entertainment arcade operator. This collaboration aims to enrich the resort’s offerings with a family-friendly arcade experience, located on the first level of the new resort, catering to guests of all ages with a plethora of gaming options.

Featuring the latest in cutting-edge redemption, crane, and video games, the arcade at Chicken Ranch Casino Resort promises an engaging experience for families. The arcade’s Prize Zone is poised to dazzle with a diverse array of rewards ranging from small toys and designer accessories to high-end technology gadgets. This initiative is part of the resort’s broader strategy to provide a wholesome and fun environment for families visiting the property.

Lloyd Mathiesen, Chairman of the Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians, praised Cyber Quest for its family-oriented approach to gaming and its stellar reputation for delivering a top-notch guest experience. “We know this brand will be ideal for the resort and that families will enjoy all it has to offer,” Mathiesen commented, highlighting the anticipated positive reception from resort visitors.

Chicken Ranch Launches Arcade with Cyber Quest

Chicken Ranch Launches Arcade with Cyber Quest

Cyber Quest stands out for its nearly three decades of experience in offering vibrant and engaging gaming atmospheres that are both fun and challenging. Beyond just gaming, the arcade is set to host an array of activities including game tournaments, reward programs for kids’ academic achievements, special events, and fun daily promotions. Moreover, the facility will offer spaces for birthday parties, team-building events, and other significant gatherings, all within a welcoming environment that does not require an entry fee.

Troy Dunkley, CEO of Kids Quest and Cyber Quest, expressed excitement about bringing the Cyber Quest experience to the Chicken Ranch Casino Resort. “Cyber Quest was created to provide families with an arcade option they could enjoy together, featuring non-violent game content and a high-quality redemption program,” Dunkley stated, underscoring the commitment to offering a family-centric entertainment option that complements the resort’s diverse attractions.

The announcement of this partnership follows the recent introduction of new slot games, ‘West Wanted’ and ‘Battle Mania,’ developed by LA-based tech company Velvix, further showcasing Chicken Ranch Casino Resort’s dedication to delivering a wide range of entertainment options. Under the leadership of Eric Barbaro, the newly promoted General Manager with over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry, the resort is poised to enhance its service offerings and solidify its reputation as a premier destination in California.

As the Chicken Ranch Casino Resort nears its grand opening, the partnership with Cyber Quest marks a significant step towards creating a dynamic and inclusive resort experience that caters to guests of all ages, setting a new benchmark for family entertainment in the gaming and hospitality industry.

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