Chumba Casino Account Blocked – What To Do?

Chumba Casino is a standout in the world of social gaming, offering abundant opportunities for top-notch casino games. The casino is known for its commitment to security, legitimacy, and responsible gaming practices. Chumba Casino also boasts a wide array of entertaining games, speedy withdrawal methods, and the use of Gold Coins and Sweep Coins.

Chumba Casino ensures an easy and direct onboarding process. Following the initial onboarding process, what happens in the event that your account becomes blocked?

What You Need to Know About Blocked Accounts

It’s worth noting that Chumba Casino has implemented certain security measures to safeguard your account. For instance, five unsuccessful login attempts will automatically temporarily lock your account for 90 minutes.

The temporary block is essentially a protective measure designed to maintain the security of your Chumba Casino account and your personal information. In the event that you encounter such a situation, reaching out to the customer support team is the best option.

They can guide you through the account reactivation process and provide insights into the reasons for the block. Additionally, they can help you adopt best practices to prevent similar issues in the future.

First, initiate the process by submitting a request for assistance to reactivate your account. This might resolve the issues causing the account blockage.

Note that engaging with the official customer support channels ensures a streamlined and secure resolution to the account blockage problem. Therefore, it is advisable to depend solely on Chumba Casino’s customer support representatives for a satisfactory resolution.

creating account chumba casino

Creating Account Chumba Casino

How do I Reactivate my Chumba Casino Account?

To reinstate access to your Chumba Casino account, you need to follow the guide below:

  1. Send a formal request to the customer support team. It’s important to include a brief justification for your desire to reactivate your account with your request.
  2. Upon receiving your reactivation request, the customer support personnel will carefully review the provided information.
  3. Following the assessment, the support team will initiate communication using the email address linked to your Chumba Casino account. This ensures seamless correspondence between you and the support team throughout the reactivation process.

In the process of reactivating your blocked account, please be aware that the casino is responsible for upholding its policies. So there’s a possibility that your appeal might be rejected.

The casino can reject account reactivation if valid concerns about responsible social gameplay exist. We advise that you confirm that you’ve not breached the casino’s Responsible Social Gameplay Policy.

With the information provided, you’re now equipped to restore your blocked Chumba Casino account. Now, go and experience a dose of social casino excitement as you venture back into Chumba’s Casino.


It takes up to 30 minutes if you input an incorrect password on five consecutive occasions. While it takes up to 90 minutes for five unsuccessful login attempts.

Your account can be blocked if the casino identifies issues related to its responsible social gameplay policy.

Yes, you can reach out to the support team and provide them with comprehensive details to facilitate a thorough assessment of the matter.

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