Chumba Debit Card

Online gaming is all about making things easier for players. Funding your account is one of the aspects that vendors are looking to make more convenient. Chumba Casino does this by issuing its members with the Chumba Casino card.

Users who take the Chumba Casino card can use it to make purchases at the casino, whether on the PC site or the mobile app. Learn about the Chumba Casino card as we explore its features and uses.

Chumba Casino Card – What is it?

The Chumba Casino card, or Chumba card for short, is a prepaid Mastercard which means you have to fund it to use it when making purchases at the casino. You can play any games you wish when you have the prepaid card to fall back on when making purchases at the casino.

chumba casino homepage

Chumba Casino Homepage Interface 

Getting Your Chumba Debit Card

Getting a prepaid card is relatively easy. You can get the card before or after you make your first deposit and claim the welcome bonus. Here are the steps to getting the Chumba Casino card:

  1. Open Chumba Casino’s mobile or PC site from your device.
  2. Get to your account page and apply for a Mastercard.
  3. Top up at least $40 to gain access to enrollment.
  4. Enter the details requested as you sign up for the Mastercard. Ensure the information on your official documents matches the info you enter.
  5. Complete registration by clicking on ‘Register‘. Wait for up to 10 days to receive a Chumba Casino physical card.

Activating Your Chumba Casino Card

Now that you have the card in your hands, you cannot use it just yet. Members get the card encrypted to ensure that there is no fraud. Activation is a piece of cake, and you should have the card working in no time. Here is how to activate the card:

  1. Log in to the address imprinted on the back of the physical card you receive.
  2. Head to your account page and select the Chumba Casino card unlock option.
  3. Enter the 6-digit code imprinted on the back of the card.
  4. You will receive a unique PIN that lets you make transactions with the card.

prepaid casino card

Prepaid Casino Card 

Chumba Casino Mastercard Limits and Expiration

The limits and expiry date on your card are some of the essential parts of the terms and conditions you need to know about. There are two types of limits to know about. The first is the load limit, which is the amount you can load on the card. This is set at $5,000. The second limit is the maximum card limit, which is $25,000. This is the maximum amount you can have on the card.

Like any other card, the Chumba Casino card has an expiration date. However, you don’t need to worry about your bankroll as you can easily request a renewal where you get a new card with the bankroll left over from the expired card.


Chumba Casino is one of the forward-thinking online sweepstakes casinos, and the Chumba Debit card just goes to show how innovative the vendor can be. With the card, players can access bonus rewards and add bankroll to their casino account straight from their bank account.

Withdrawals also work the same way. Members of the casino yet to grab the card should get one quickly to enjoy its perks.

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