Clover Charm: Hit the Bonus Now Available at Hello Millions Casino

Hello Millions Casino proudly announced the addition of an exciting new slot game to its lineup on March 23, 2024. Titled Clover Charm: Hit the Bonus, this latest masterpiece is developed by Playson, a name synonymous with innovation in the digital entertainment realm. Embracing an Irish theme, the game transports players into a world where luck isn’t just a concept—it’s a vivid, thrilling experience.

The game sets itself apart with a unique structure that eschews traditional paylines for a focus on an engaging bonus game, embodying the essence of Playson’s groundbreaking “Hit the Bonus” series. The simplicity of its 3×3 layout belies the depth and excitement lurking within, promising players a path to substantial rewards.

hello millions clover charm hit the bonus

Clover Charm: Hit the Bonus


At the heart of Clover Charm’s allure are its symbols, each designed to captivate and thrill. The primary attraction is the Clover symbol, a beacon of fortune, its vibrancy hinting at the riches it holds.

Complementing this are Sticky Bonus symbols, verdant clovers set against a golden backdrop, which not only promise generous payouts but also remain affixed to the reels, teasing the activation of the much-anticipated Bonus Game.

Bonus Round

The crescendo of Clover Charm’s gameplay is its Bonus Round, a spectacle of chance and strategy. Triggered by aligning three symbols of any kind across the middle row, this feature introduces players to a realm of potential, highlighted by the presence of Sticky bonuses that can multiply bets up to nine times.

The Ultra Bonus Game raises the stakes further, with multipliers reaching up to sixteen times, transforming every spin into a potential treasure trove.

clover charms slot bonus round

Ultra Featured Game Gameplay


Clover Charm’s theming is a masterstroke of immersion, wrapping players in an ambiance of Irish luck and mysticism. The game’s aesthetics are a vibrant celebration of all things fortunate, from leprechauns to pots of gold, each element meticulously crafted to keep players ensnared in its charming embrace.

A Pot of Gold at Every Turn

Beyond its enthralling mechanics and thematic allure, Clover Charm: Hit the Bonus is a testament to Playson’s ability to innovate within the crowded space of slot games.

Offering an RTP of 95.66% and the possibility of payouts up to 10,000 times the stake, it presents both novice and seasoned players with an enticing challenge. With its release, Hello Millions social casino not only enriches its selection but also offers its patrons an exclusive journey into a realm where every spin could be a step towards fortune.

As players worldwide flock to experience the magic of Clover Charm, the game stands as a beacon of Playson’s enduring commitment to excellence and innovation in gaming entertainment.

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