Enchanted Casino Moves to a New Domain

A switch in the online sweepstakes gaming world – one of the newest and fastest-developing venues rebrands as of Q2 2023.

Enchantedcasino.com – the Initial Version

Launched in Q3 of 2022, enchantedcasino.com rapidly increased organic traffic to nearly 10,000 unique monthly users by the end of 2022.

As it is a social casino, Enchanted Studios LLC, the owner company, decided to rebrand as the term “casino” is not the most appropriate one to be included in the brand name. It is not a gambling website and does not operate as a casino in any manner besides the sweepstakes casino slots it offers.

Moving to a New Domain

Despite its rapid rise from its creation in 2022, the Enchanted brand took the risk and switched to a more sweepstakes-oriented brand – Enchanted Sweeps.

There was a period in which both platforms operated. As of April 2023, the pioneer website enchantedcasino.com can no longer be accessible.

The credentials for enchantedcasino.com are the same as for enchantedsweeps.com.

enchanted casino moved domain

Enchanted Casino Moved Domain 

Enchanted Sweeps Visits are Not Inferior to its Predecessor

While both websites were accessible, there was low to no interest in the Enchantedsweeps brand.

Despite players being notified that the social casino is rebranding and that the new website is basically the same as the old one, enchantedcasino.com kept most of the brand’s players.

However, as soon as access to enchantedcasino.com was restricted, enchantedsweeps.com’s organic search and traffic skyrocketed, reaching 6,000 visitors for the first month.

Enchantedsweeps With New Social Media

As the brand moved to a new domain, a new social media presence was also created so that the initial brand was completely wiped out in the past. It can be found under the nickname “enchantedsweeps”, written merged.