Fontainebleau Las Vegas Faces Fourth Executive Shakeup with VP Departing

Fontainebleau Las Vegas, a recently opened luxury resort on the Strip, is experiencing significant changes in its executive leadership.

In a span of just a month, four high-ranking executives have departed from the company, signaling potential operational challenges within the new establishment.

Angie Dobney, the Vice President of Revenue Management, is the latest executive to leave Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

A University of Nevada, Las Vegas graduate with a rich background in revenue and customer relationship management, Dobney’s departure marks a notable loss for the resort.

Before joining Fontainebleau in June 2022, she had a history of strategic consulting in the hospitality and gaming industry, including running her own firm, Rise Up Revenue Optimization.

The departure of Dobney follows those of other key figures at Fontainebleau. Former Chief Operating Officer Colleen Birch and Chief Marketing Officer Shane Smith voluntarily resigned earlier in January.

colleen birch former chief operating officer

Former Chief Operating Officer Colleen Birch

Michael Clifford, the Vice President of Casino Operations, also left the company at the end of December. These exits raise questions about the internal dynamics at Fontainebleau, especially considering the relatively short tenures of these executives.

The string of high-profile exits at Fontainebleau Las Vegas is drawing attention to the intense competition within the Las Vegas gaming industry. The $3.7 billion resort, which has been in development for nearly two decades, opened with high expectations.

However, it seems to be struggling to attract its targeted high-end clientele. This challenge is critical for Fontainebleau, as its business model relies on upscale room rates, fine dining, and high table game minimums.

Visitor feedback suggests that the resort may need to adjust its strategy to better cater to avid gamblers, with concerns about low pay tables on slots and perceived inadequacies in rewards and comps.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas’s situation underscores the complexities of operating a high-end resort in a competitive market like the Las Vegas Strip.

The recent departures of key executives could be indicative of deeper challenges the resort faces in establishing its brand and attracting the desired customer base in the bustling Las Vegas market.

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