Free Spins Rounds in Slots – What are they?

The sweepstakes gaming world has evolved drastically, including more and more new and well-known casino-style games.

Since slots have ever since been the most preferred gaming choice, it is no surprise they take over the sweepstakes casino world with their abundant mechanics, features, and bonus rounds.

One such bonus game is the free spins rounds, which we at Mr. Sweepstakes will be covering in detail today.

What are Free Spins Rounds?

So, wondering what does the term Free Spins stand for? They are usually triggered for free while in the base game of a slot, offering you chances to significantly increase your winnings.

The common approach is to land a specific number of Scatter symbols (often 3) to activate a certain amount of free spins. However, some slots offer a Bonus Buy feature through which you can trigger the bonus round whenever you wish by purchasing it.

bonus buy feature pragamtic play slot sugar rush

Bonus Buy Example – Sugar Rush Slot 

Free Spins Features

Free spins add an extra layer of excitement to slot games, and they come packed with additional features to enhance their appeal.

Special Symbols

Special symbols, such as Scatters and Wilds, play a crucial role in triggering free spins rounds.

Scatters are unique because they don’t have to appear on a specific payline to activate the free spins; landing a certain number of these anywhere on the reels can trigger the bonus round.

On the other hand, Wilds can substitute for other symbols to help create winning combinations, and in some games, they might also trigger free spins or multiply the winnings during these rounds.

Free Spins in Sweepstakes Casino Slots

Sweepstakes casinos also offer the exciting free spins feature in their slot games. These casinos operate differently from traditional online casinos, allowing you to purchase in-game currency (like “Gold Coins“), which can be used to play games for fun.

Sweepstakes Coins, on the contrary, cannot be purchased, but playing casino-style games with them can reward you with real money prizes, which you can redeem.

The free spins feature in these games is often more generous, with opportunities to re-trigger the free spins round for even more chances to win.

Types of Free Spins

There are different types of free spins available in online slot games. The most common ones are:

landing four scatters dynamic free spins round sugar rush

Dynamic Free Spins Example – Sugar Rush Pragmatic Play Slot 

Fixed Number of Free Spins

In some sweepstakes slots, the free spins round has a fixed amount of spins. Usually, landing 3 Scatters triggers the bonus round.

Dynamic Free Spins

There are also slot titles, where the more Scatters you land, the more free spins you get in the bonus round. In some games, you can reach up to 6 Scatters, which can reward you with up to 15-20 free spins, for example.

Final Words

Free Spins Rounds have become a staple feature in online slot games, adding an extra layer of excitement and opportunity for players. Whether it’s through Scatter symbols or through the Bonus Buy feature, these spins provide a chance to win some impressive prizes.

Today we covered what the specifics of a Free Spins round are, how to activate it, and whether they are available in sweepstakes casinos.

Next time you’re spinning the reels, look out for these free spin opportunities – you never know when luck may strike!

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