Free Sweeps Coins in Pulsz Casino: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Today’s article will be covering the topic of Sweeps Coins in Pulsz Casino – more specifically what they are used for and how we can use them to our advantage. We will also be talking about different ways to claim them for free, along with the purchasable bundles.

What are Sweeps Coins in Pulsz?

Sweeps Coins are given as a sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus when a player purchases a package of Gold Coins (a virtual currency used for playing at the casino for fun) or as a free bonus in a variety of methods we will talk about in just a bit. This virtual currency can be redeemed for cash prizes which makes it so valuable.

In Pulsz, the Sweeps Coins are known as VIP Points (also called VP). The minimum points redemption is 100 VIP Points (which equates to 100 USD). The more you play, the more VIP points you receive – which is part of the Loyalty Program that they have. Of course this depends on the number of spins you do. You can keep track of everything by looking at the little window they’ve added where they show how much you get (for ex. +2, +3). There is also a progress bar that shows your level-up progress.

vip loyalty rewards pulsz casino

VIP Loyalty Rewards – Pulsz’s Sweeps Coins

How can I get Sweeps Coins in Pulsz for Free?

The easiest way to claim FREE Sweeps Coins for Pulsz is by registering on their site. By filling out their form and making an account, you get 5,000 GC (Gold Coins). The SC (Sweeps Coins) can be used to claim cash prizes, while the GC are used purely for fun. A single Sweeps Coin is worth 1 USD.

NOTE: You need a minimum of 100 SC to get a cash prize and 50 SC to redeem a gift card.

Bundles and Purchases

There are two special first-purchase bonuses that you can get if you do decide to spend a dime in the social casino.

  • The first best option is to purchase the package for 9.99 USD; this will include 173,500 GC, Free Purchase Benefits, 110 VIP Points, and a Golden Key.
  • The second best option is purchasing the 19.99 USD package. That includes 362,000 GC, Free Purchase Benefits, 460 VIP Points, and a Golden Key.
  • The cheapest current package is only 1.99 USD, for which you can get 30,000 GC, Free Purchase Benefits, 18 VIP Points, and a Golden Key.

The Golden Key is used to unlock access to exclusive games for 7 days.

The most expensive package you can get is worth a whopping 99.99 USD. For that amount, you get 1,884,000 GC, Free Purchase Benefits, 1,800 VIP Points, and 1 Golden Key.Pulsz Gold Coins Store

Gold Coin Package Store of Pulsz Casino


  • Social Media – You can participate in online contests on Pulsz casino’s social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). On many occasions, they do random draws where you can win both Pulsz Free Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins.
  • Free Daily Login Bonus – You can receive between 0.3SC and 1SC every day if you log in daily. If you reach a 7-day-login-streak (you log in for 7 days in a row), you will start receiving 1 Sweeps Coin every day after that.
  • Friend Referral Program – If you refer a friend and they spend at least 15 USD on Gold Coins, you will receive 15 Free Sweeps Coins for Pulsz (you can use that link for more than one friend).
  • Slot Races – Competing in slot races and climbing up the leaderboards will give you a chance to win some amazing prizes from the SC Prize Pool.

friend refferal program pulsz

Pulsz’s Friend Referral Program


This article is meant to inform you regarding what Sweeps Coins in Pulsz are, how you can use them to your advantage and of course different ways to get them for free via different methods we researched and found.

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