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High 5 Casino is one of America’s most-accepted betting sites, as it’s available in nearly all states. This betting platform has been around as an online casino since 2012, and as a sweepstakes one as of 2020. It has been increasing in popularity since then. High 5 Casino has garnered some attention lately because of its promotional offer, which promises free coins.

In this article, we’ll show you how to redeem the free coins with your High 5 Casino promo code. You can also read on to learn how the free coins at High 5 Casino work and about social casinos as a whole.

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High5 Casino Website

How to Get Free Coins in High 5 Casino

You can earn a no-purchase bonus of 250 Game Coins at High 5 Casino when you’re playing for the first time. This first-timer bonus comes with 600 Diamonds and 5 Sweeps Coins when you use a legit promo code.

Although the 250 Game Coins and 600 diamonds are immediately available after using the promo code, the Sweeps Coins need more. You need to connect your Facebook account, email, or Google or Apple accounts to your High 5 Casino account.

Keep in mind that this High 5 Casino bonus has no minimum purchase and can only be redeemed by bettors of legal age.

The advantage of having no minimum amount to buy means you can redeem this bonus with whatever amount you’ve got.

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High 5 No Purchase Bonus Offer

What Are High 5 Casino Game Coins?

Game Coins are a valueless currency that’s only useful within the confines of High 5 Casino. This coin is only used to place bets on games at the casino.

You receive some Game Coins as a gift when you register at the casino and from numerous bonus offers. When your coins are exhausted, you can also write to High 5 Casino to have them reimburse you. However, this will likely take weeks before it happens.

If you can’t afford to wait, you can buy these coins with your credit card.

What Are High 5 Casino Sweeps Coins?

Sweeps Coins are the answer to the question of how playing at social casinos can match a real money-paying online casino. This coin circumvents the issue of High 5 Casino being free-to-play, a site where you won’t be able to earn real money.

SC on their own don’t mean much to the outside world. However, you can exchange Sweeps Coins for real cash at High 5 Casino.

The exchange rate is also good, as each Sweeps Coin exchanges for a dollar at the rate of 1:1. This means one Sweeps Coin goes for one dollar, and 10 Sweeps Coins for 10 dollars.

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High 5 Sweeps Casino Virtual Currencies

Bettors at High 5 Casino receive Sweeps Coins as bonuses or as gifts for making a purchase at the casino. Each dollar-purchase on this betting site earns the bettor one Sweeps Coin. So, if you purchase Game Coins worth $10, you’ll receive 10 Sweeps Coins as a gift.

Although there’s a 1:1 conversion rate for converting Sweeps Coins into cash, there are a few requirements worth noting.

  • The amount of Sweeps Coins that you want to convert into cash needs to be up to 50
  • 50 Sweeps Coins can only be converted into a $50 gift card
  • Only 100 Sweeps Coins and above can be converted into cash

Casino Games at High 5 Casino

If you’ve gotten your hands on some Game Coins or Sweeps Coins, you’ll definitely want to use them. Hence, this section will introduce you to the various gaming opportunities available at High 5 Casino.

Live Dealer Games

It’s surprising that a social casino can offer a live dealer game, but that’s what makes High 5 Casino so special. This betting site allows punters to enjoy live casino games like live blackjack, live roulette, and live Texas Hold’em.

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Live Dealer Games – High 5 Casino

Table Games

Table games are a classic that should be present at every betting site, and High 5 Casino doesn’t disappoint. While its collection of table games might not match the average online casino, it’s better than what other social casinos offer. So, you can visit this platform for some simple games of blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat.

Online Slots

Slots are the primary focus of High 5 Casino and this betting platform offers more than 800 titles to choose from. This is a combination of High 5 Casino’s classic slots and other popular names from established software providers.

Some of the online slots you’ll find at this casino are Rocket Man, Queen of the Gods, and The Green Machine Deluxe.

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Slots Lobby H5C

What Is the Difference between Purchase and No-Purchase Bonuses?

A purchase bonus is an offer from High 5 Casino that rewards you with betting funds (coins) based on the amount you purchase. This means a 50% purchase bonus offer will give you free coins to the factor of 50%. In other words, you’ll be getting half of your original purchase as an extra.

A no-purchase bonus is one that doesn’t tie your benefits to any deposits that you’ll be making at the casino. This is similar to a no-deposit bonus, as you’ll be enjoying the bonus amount without any deposits on your end.

The 250 Game Coins, 600 diamonds, and 5 Sweeps Coins bonus is one example of a no-purchase bonus.

What Other Bonuses Are Available at High 5 Casino?

Apart from the no-purchase bonus described in this article, there are other freebies to look forward to from High 5 Casino. Some of these freebies include:

  • Daily Wheel: This is a bonus wheel that registered bettors at High 5 Casino can spin daily for Game Coins and Sweeps Coins.
  • Bonus Spins: Bettors at this betting site can also get bonus spins each week to be used on specified online slots.

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High5 Casino Promotions


Social casinos take advantage of the loopholes in the US judicial system to make online casino betting available to many Americans. High 5 Casino is one of the best social casinos in the US, with a noteworthy collection of games and bonuses. It is actually awarded the “EGR 2023 Best Social gaming Operator of the Year”.

The High 5 Casino promo code gives new players 250 Game Coins, 600 diamonds, and 5 Sweeps Coins when they redeem them. There are no wagering requirements or minimum deposits to satisfy before bettors can enjoy this bonus.

Although High 5 Casino promo codes are available for use in the US, there are some exceptions. Some of the states where you can’t use this bonus are Michigan, Nevada, Washington, and Idaho.

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