How Do You Play Plinko?

Casinos are synonymous with the exhilarating thrill of taking risks for the chance to hit the big time. Amidst the reel spinning, dice throwing, and card shuffling, there is a particular game that most players like for its uniqueness. Plinko is a board game with the perfect mix of chance and strategy. The best players know that dropping your chips can be much more rewarding if you do it right, even though gravity does most of the work. Today we will discover how do you play Plinko and potentially win.

plinko x demo play

Plinko X Game Demo Play

How Does Plinko Work?

Plinko is played on an inclined board with pegs laid out in a triangular pattern. The bottom of the Plinko board has different slots with a range of prizes players can win.

To play the game, you drop chips from the top of the board and let them zigzag their way down the board. Chips move through the pegs to land on one of the prizes at the bottom of the board.

Game Mechanics: When the Chips Drop

Players drop chips from the top of the board, and these drop to the bottom while bouncing off pegs. As it bounces off the pegs, the chip you just dropped moves in different directions, which determines where it ends up at the bottom of the board.

The thrill of playing Plinko is in watching chips bob around and change direction. Chips navigate their path through the pegs, seemingly about to land on different prizes before they settle on one pot.

bgaming plinko game

BGaming Plinko 

The Prizes at the Bottom of the Board

The bottom of the Plinko board has different prizes whose values vary. There are slots with higher payouts than others. The payouts on different slots range from anything between $50 and $500,000. It all depends on what variation of the game you are playing.

Most variations will have the payouts set between $50 and $10,000. High rollers get tables with higher payouts. The odds of winning vary from slot to slot. The odds of landing slots with lower prices are much higher than those of landing a big payout.

Plinko Strategy

Plinko has some fun strategies that don’t need you to master any patterns or playing styles. The trick is all in how you drop your chips. Automated versions of the game still apply the same knacks you would on a physical game:

  • Dropping Your Chips At the Center of the Board: The best payout players can get on a Plinko board would be if a chip landed on the $10,000 slot. The entry slot at the middle of the board is one of your best bets at hitting this prize. While much of the game works on luck, chips are statistically more likely to land on the biggest prize at the bottom when dropped from the middle.
  • Drop Your Chips Some Spaces Away from the Middle: Some Plinko experts believe that the strategy to drop your chips 3 or 4 spaces away from the center is likely to land you the big prizes. That’s because, while chips bounce around a lot, they are most likely to travel down in a relatively straight line.

plinko game interface stakeusa Original Plinko Sweeps Game

Playing Plinko Online

In modern times, the variety of online casino style games evolves constantly. Following the trend, Hacksaw Gaming, one of the leading game developers, created a virtual version of Plinko. Playing it is analogous to the original game version.

You first choose your volatility level, where you can select between low, medium, and high. Then, you can pick the number of rows you want available on the board. You can choose from 8 up to 16 rows, and the more rows, the higher the winning potential.

You can also select whether you want a manual or auto-betting mode, similar to the auto-spin feature in online slots.

There are many Hacksaw Gaming titles available on, so American players can enjoy them. They can also play Plinko, which in is developed in-house by the brand, under the category “Stake Originals”. So, this gives US players the chance to play for free, yet for the chance to win real money.


Plinko is fun, and the prospect of winning $10,000 with a single chip adds to the excitement. The game keeps the essence of the physical game, combining luck with a little bit of strategy to separate the big winners from regular players. Enjoy different versions of the game at the players’ favorite casinos to see what prizes you bag.

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