How Long Does It Take for Fortune Coins to Payout?

Fortune Coins represent a virtual currency system utilized within the Fortune Coins sweepstakes casino, offering players the opportunity to convert their in-game achievements into tangible rewards.

These coins hold a monetary value, with a fixed ratio of 1$ to 100 FC. As players engage in various activities such as sweepstakes games, tournaments, and challenges, they accumulate Fortune Coins, which can then be redeemed for cash rewards.

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Understanding the Timeframe for Fortune Coins Payout

One of the key considerations for players seeking to redeem their Fortune Coins is the time it takes for the payout to be processed. This timeframe varies depending on the chosen redemption method. Players have the flexibility to select from multiple options, each with its own processing timeline.

Redemption Methods and Processing Times


One popular redemption method available to Fortune Coins holders is through Credit/Debit transactions.

This method typically requires a processing time of 3 to 5 days. To initiate the redemption process, players must first ensure their account is verified using a valid ID. Once verified, they can request redemption, specifying the desired amount of Fortune Coins to be converted into cash.

The minimum redemption amount for this method is set at $50 (equivalent to 5000 FC).

Online Banking (Trustly)

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Fortune Coins Purchasing Coins

For players preferring a direct transfer to their bank accounts, the Online Banking (Trustly) option is available.

Similar to Credit/Debit transactions, this method also entails a processing time of 3 to 5 days. Players need to follow the same steps of account verification and redemption request, ensuring they meet the minimum redemption threshold of $50 (5000 FC).


Those seeking immediate access to their cash rewards may opt for the Skrill redemption method. Unlike the aforementioned options, Skrill offers instantaneous processing, allowing players to receive their funds without delay.

This instant payout feature makes Skrill an attractive choice for players looking for quick access to their earnings. As with other redemption methods, players must ensure their account is verified and meet the minimum redemption requirement of $50 (5000 FC).

Fortune Coins Value

To facilitate the conversion process, it’s crucial for players to understand the monetary value of their Fortune Coins and the minimum amount required for redemption. The fixed ratio of 1$ to 100 FC serves as a guiding principle, indicating that for every 100 Fortune Coins accumulated, players can redeem $1 in cash.

Minimum Redemption

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ID Verification

Moreover, the minimum redemption threshold is set at $50, equivalent to 5000 FC. This ensures that players can convert their earnings into meaningful rewards while maintaining a reasonable standard for payout.

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeeming Winnings

Verify Account

Begin by logging into your Fortune Coins account and completing the account verification process using a valid form of identification.

Select Redemption Method

Navigate to the designated “Redeem” section within your account dashboard. Choose your preferred redemption method from the available options: Credit/Debit, Online Banking (Trustly), or Skrill.

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Payment Methods Fortune Coins

Enter Redemption Amount

Specify the amount of Fortune Coins you wish to redeem, ensuring it meets or exceeds the minimum redemption threshold of $50 (5000 FC).

Confirm Redemption Request

Review the details of your redemption request, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Confirm your request to proceed with the payout process.

Wait for Processing

Depending on the selected redemption method, allow for the stipulated processing time to elapse. Be patient as the system verifies and processes your request accordingly.


The journey from virtual achievements to tangible rewards is made seamless through the redemption of Fortune Coins. With multiple redemption methods available, players have the flexibility to choose the option that best aligns with their preferences and requirements.

Whether opting for the convenience of Credit/Debit transactions, the reliability of Online Banking (Trustly), or the immediacy of Skrill, players can rest assured knowing that their earnings will be processed efficiently.

By understanding the monetary value of Fortune Coins, adhering to minimum redemption thresholds, and following the step-by-step redemption process, players can maximize their gaming rewards and unlock a world of possibilities. Start your redemption journey today and experience the gratification of turning your virtual accomplishments into tangible gains!

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