How Much is Stake Cash Worth?

  • Antonio DeLaCosa

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Are you searching to find what the value of Stake Cash is? The virtual currency at is redeemable for real money, so logically, questions arise. Today we will look at how much Stake Cash is worth and how you can redeem your winnings.

1 Stake Cash equals 1 USD with a couple of redemption options, which we will cover in the present topic.

What is Stake Cash?

This is the equivalent of Sweeps Coins, the commonly used term in sweepstakes casinos for their virtual currency with monetary value. You cannot buy it but redeem it for real cash. So, receiving Stake Cash, you have the opportunity to get free money on Stake Casino.

There are numerous promotions at through which you can obtain Stake Cash for free. The other virtual currency, used to play only for fun, is left with the original name – Gold Coins.

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Can You Redeem Stake Cash to Real Money?

Yes, you can redeem your Stake Cash prizes in the desired crypto. Click the “Wallet” button on the top of your screen, and select “Redeem” from the popup window.

You can select from 20+ cryptocurrencies, including the most widely used ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, to list a few. Then, from your wallet, you can transfer your crypto to a bank account, digital wallet, or use it directly.

The minimum redemption amount is 60.06 Stake Cash, but note that you’ll have a small blockchain fee of 2.93 SC.

Final Words

In today’s short article, we discussed what Stake Cash is, its value, and how to redeem it for real money on 1 Stake Cash is equal to $1, so you now know what your winnings at are worth.

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