How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Fliff?

With its innovative sweepstakes model, Fliff provides players with a unique and exciting dimension to online betting. It allows sports enthusiasts to test their predictions without involving any financial risks. This article will explain the minimum age requirement for creating a Fliff account and the processes involved. Read on.

Brief Overview of Fliff

fliff download app website

Fliff Sportsbook Website

As a social betting site, Fliff allows players to bet on various sports outcomes without risking real money. Instead, Fliff operates on a “free-to-play” sweepstakes model, allowing users to bet on multiple sports using virtual currencies. In this system, players can place bets using Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash, which the sportsbook usually offers regularly.

Fliff offers a fun betting experience. The platform provides bonuses and promotions to ensure new and returning players can bet for free. New users can get a 100% match bonus and free Fliff Cash with their first purchase.

Fans of various sports like soccer, basketball, and more will find extensive betting markets and competitive odds spanning local and international sports events. Players are guaranteed a good time with the user-friendly website and mobile app, which ensures easy navigation across the various options and features available.

It’s worth noting that you can’t access Fliff on PC. The social sportsbook only supports mobile. As a result, you either use the mobile website or download the app.

What’s the minimum age requirement for accessing Fliff?

The social sportsbook only accepts users who are 18 and above. By setting this limit, Fliff aims to ensure a responsible and age-appropriate environment for users participating in the social sportsbook. Also, this policy promotes a safe and enjoyable environment for those who meet the threshold while complying with industry standards and legal considerations.

How to Sign up for a Fliff Account

Creating a new Fliff account is straightforward, and we’ve described the step-by-step procedure below:

  1. Visit the Fliff website on your smartphone
  2. Click on the “Create Account” button
  3. Sign up using your Apple ID, Google, or your Email
  4. Choose a unique username
  5. Confirm that you’re 18 and above and accept the T&Cs
  6. Fill in a referral code if you have any, and click on Confirm
  7. Enter your phone number and complete the verification process

After signing up on the website, you can download the mobile app, sign in, and have fun betting for free.

fliff mobile website sign up

Fliff Website Mobile Sign up

Where is Fliff Legal?

The Fliff social sportsbook is widely accessible to most players across the United States. However, players residing in Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Tennessee, and Washington won’t be able to sign up. This is due to their local laws, which are unfavorable towards online betting. In the other 45 states, users can enjoy the Fliff app or use the website without legal trouble.


Fliff offers a fun platform for social sports enthusiasts to bet on their favorite events without risking their funds. The site covers several top sports events and tournaments with many markets. If you meet the minimum age requirement, you can easily sign up with Fliff and have fun betting on a quality social sportsbook.

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