How to Add Money to Skillmachine net?

If you are here, you probably have encountered some obstacles when trying to register, add funds and play on Skillmachine net. We won’t be surprised if this is the case since this is one of the most questionable platforms in the social gaming realm.

To start with, you cannot directly create an account on the platform, but still, there is a way to use it. Whether we recommend doing so is another thing, though.

Interested to find out how? Hop aboard, since here we have one question to answer – how to add money to Skillmachine net?

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Adding Money to Skillmachine

You can add money to Skillmachine net by creating an account at a different website. Yes, you heard it right! We at Mr. Sweepstakes have seen many things during our years of experience, but we must admit, the registration process at Skillmachine is one of the weirdest and most counterintuitive processes we have faced.

How to Add Money to Skillmachine?

1. Go to

Open the website, click the “Login by Phone” button, enter your phone number, and click “Send”.

login by phone skillmachine

2. Enter the SMS code

After the first step, you will immediately receive an SMS code. Fill it in the input field and click enter.

enter sms code skillmachine

3. Login

Access your account, click the “Deposit” button, and pick one of the available cryptocurrencies and platforms from which to deposit.

skillmachine net deposti methods

4. Follow the instructions

The crypto purchase instructions will differ depending on the chosen method from the previous step.

skillmachine crypto purchase instructions

What is Skillmachine?

Well, even we could hardly answer this one. There are too many questions about Skillmachine and its operation model, so the least we can say is that it is far from a reputable online or sweepstakes casino.

Do we at Mr. Sweepstakes Recommend Skillmachine?

Without any doubt, no. You just register with your phone number and can make deposits without entering your data and verifying your account prior to that. There are no Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy pages on the website, nor the company owner is stated.

If this is not enough, then the gambling with direct deposits this site accepts is actually illegal in most of the US.

Withdrawing Prizes from Skillmachine

If you’ve gone through the previously listed information and still want to know whether you can redeem prizes from Skillmachine, then we admire your positive way of seeing things.

Still, if you have won something in this casino and want to get your winnings, click the “Redeem” button on the top-right of your screen. Then, enter the amount you want to redeem, your crypto wallet address, and click “Withdraw“.

Final Words

Skillmachine net, without a doubt, gains some interest. Whether this is due to positive player experience on their website, however, does raise doubts. Many players are searching for info on how to create an account and how to add money to Skillmachine net.

Today we from Mr. Sweepstakes covered these two aspects with all information we found, supported by step-by-step instructions. You are now ready to add money to your skillmachine account, but again, we recommend you avoid that.


Yes, you can, but you need to create an account on a different website – Due to many concerns about this brand, we recommend you avoid adding funds on the site.

You can use the crypto payment options at Skillmachine to try redeeming your prizes.

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