How to Add Money to SweepSlots Casino?

Social casinos are popular as thrilling hubs for free entertainment, and SweepSlots is no exception. It’s one of the exciting sweepstakes gaming sites serving players in America and Canada. The gateway to exploring the different games on the platform is acquiring Gold Coins through bonuses or purchasing them. Here, we’ll explain how to add money to SweepSlots Casino for purchases, games to play using the coins, and other aspects. Read on.

sweepslots social casino home

SweepSlots Homepage Interface

How to Add Money to SweepSlots Casino?

To play casino games in SweepSlots, you must acquire Gold Coins through the various bonuses or purchase them. Here’s a simple guide to adding money to get more coins:

Register an Account

To create an account on SweepSlots, you’ll need to visit SweepSlots Casino. Look for the “Sign Up” or “Register” button, usually in the top menu bar or on the homepage. Click on it to start the registration process.

Log In

On registering an account, logging in is the next step. You’ll find fields for your email address and password in the window.

Enter the same email and password you used during registration and press the “Login” button to submit. By signing in, you receive 500 free Gold Coins.

sign up form sweepslots casino

Creating an Account SweepSlots Casino

Select the “Get Coins” Option

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the section or tab where you can find options related to purchasing coins. Look for the option “Get Coins” and click on it to proceed.
This will prompt the platform to guide you through adding your desired amount and selecting the preferred payment method.

Choose the Amount

This site will offer you various packages of Gold Coins available for purchase. SweepSlots Casino presents several packages, with each of them offering a combination of Gold Coins and free Sweeps Coins.

These include:

  • 5,000 GCs with 4 SCs for $5
  • 10,000 GCs with 9 SCs for $10
  • 20,000 GCs with 20 SCs for $20
  • 50,000 GCs with 52 SCs for $50
  • 100,000 GCs with 103 SCs for $100
  • 200,000 GCs with 204 SCs for $200
  • 500,000 GCs with 505 SCs for $500

coin store sweep slots casino

Gold Coin Packages SweepSlots

Select a Payment Option

SweepSlots offers various payment methods that you can choose from, including cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Go with any you find most convenient.

Confirm and Complete the Transaction

Verify and finalize the transaction. Once it is successfully processed, the funds reflect in your SweepSlots account balance. For any purchase you make up to $100, you’ll get a 25% discount.

SweepSlots Payment Options

You can use various payment methods to top up your balance in SweepSlots account. Generally, you can opt for traditional channels like credit/debit cards, ensuring swift and familiar transactions.

The platform also offers e-wallet options, a hassle-free avenue allowing secure transfers with popular services. Bank transfers are also allowed if necessary, but you must ensure that the nominated account can accept transactions in USD.

sweepslots casino payment methods

Payment Methods SweepSlots

Games to Play at SweepSlots with the Purchased Coins

As mentioned earlier, adding funds in your SweepSlots account allows you to acquire Gold Coins, opening the door to a diverse array of thrilling games. They include:

Sweeps Slots

Gold Coins unlock a world of social slots, allowing you to spin the reels across various engaging games. You’ll find sweepstakes games to be quite varied and thrilling when it comes to themes.

From the wonder of Ancient Egypt in Cleopatra Ancient Treasure to the famous casino buzz on Bee Party, SweepSlots caters to diverse preferences.

Each slot game featured on the platform includes a comprehensive information section, providing essential insights and details crucial to maximizing your gaming experience.

sweepslots casino slot games

SweepSlots Slot Games

Video Poker Games

With Gold Coins, you can play this blend of traditional poker strategy with the excitement of slots. You’ll receive five cards, decide which to keep or discard, and aim to create the best hand to win.

SweepSlots offers several Video Poker games, including Royal Flush Party, Tens or Better, Jacks or Better Deluxe, and Robo Wild Sevens.

Sweepstakes Table Games

Table Games are swift card games you can play with your Gold Coins. They involve multiple players and the dealer.

SweepSlots offers popular table games like sweepstakes Blackjack, which provides its own games like Blackjack Dragon, a charming and fascinating 3D game with an alluring oriental theme.

The table games are simple to grasp and incorporate a skill you’ll adore.

sweepslots table games

Table Games SweepSlots Casino

Tips For Playing at SweepSlots

The following tips will help you enhance your gaming experience at SweepSlots:

  1. Explore Various Games: SweepSlots offers a diverse range of games. Experiment with different game types and themes to find those that resonate with you.
  2. Focus on Enjoyment: Approach gaming at SweepSlots with the primary goal of having fun rather than solely focusing on winning. Embrace the entertainment value of the diverse games available.
  3. Understand Game Mechanics: Before playing a game, familiarize yourself with its rules and features. This knowledge can enhance your chances of success.
  4. Play Responsibly: Gaming should be for entertainment purposes. Remember to take breaks and avoid chasing losses. Enjoy the games without overextending yourself.
  5. Celebrate Small Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate even modest wins. It adds to the excitement and reinforces the fun aspect of gaming without fixating solely on larger wins.

Bottom Line

You can easily add money in your SweepSlots account by following the above simple process. This will enable you to begin an exciting gaming journey and unlock diverse games for endless entertainment. Fund your account today and elevate your gaming experience at SweepSlots.


Yes. SweepSlots adheres to legal guides in all operating jurisdictions ensuring complete compliance. It offers various entertaining games, provides secure payment options, and guarantees fair gameplay, adhering to regulatory standards.

No, SweepSlots operates on a social casino model. While you can’t directly purchase Sweeps Coins, you can acquire them as bonuses with Gold Coin purchases. These coins can be redeemed for cash prizes or other rewards when applicable.

The platform offers free Sweeps Coins for various promotions, including welcome bonuses, daily bonuses, and occasional special offers. You’ll also receive free Sweeps Coins when you buy packages of Gold Coins.

The best games at SweepSlots often vary based on personal preferences. However, some highly popular and engaging games among players include various social slots, interactive table games like Blackjack, and intriguing video poker variations.

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