How to Buy Fliff Cash?

Fliff Cash is a unique virtual currency used within the Fliff social sportsbook app. However, it is important to note that Fliff Cash cannot be directly purchased.

This is because Fliff Cash is considered a sweepstakes currency, which is a type of virtual currency used in promotional contests. Due to legal restrictions, sweepstakes currencies cannot be sold or exchanged for real money.

fliff mobile app

Fliff Social Sportsbook App

Purchase Methods

To purchase Fliff Coins, users can do so directly within the Fliff app. The platform offers three convenient deposit methods:

  1. Instant Bank Transfer: Users can securely connect their bank account to the Fliff app and transfer funds instantly.
  2. Credit or Debit Card: Fliff accepts major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
  3. Apple Pay (Coming Soon): In the near future, Fliff plans to integrate Apple Pay as a deposit method, providing an even more seamless transaction experience for iOS users.

Fliff Coins and Packages

Fliff offers various Fliff Coin packages, each providing a specific bonus amount of Fliff Cash. The table below outlines the available packages:

Fliff Coins Price (USD) Fliff Cash Bonus
20,000 $1.00 2
100,000 $4.99 10
200,000 $9.99 20
400,000 $19.99 40
1,000,000 $49.99 100
1,000,000 $99.99 150

Fliff Coins cannot be converted to cash. It is important to note that while users can purchase Fliff Coins and receive Fliff Cash bonuses, they cannot directly convert Fliff Coins into cash. Regardless of the amount of Fliff Coins a user possesses, they cannot be exchanged for real money.

Making a Purchase on Fliff

To make a deposit on Fliff, users must first verify their account within the app. Once the verification process is complete, they can navigate to the in-app shop, select the desired Fliff Coin package, and choose their preferred payment method. After confirming the transaction, the user will receive the purchased Fliff Coins along with the corresponding Fliff Cash bonus.

Fliff: A Social Sportsbook Without Real Money

Fliff is not your typical gambling app; instead, it is a social sportsbook that operates without using real money. The platform utilizes two types of currency: Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash.

Fliff Coins are the app’s fun currency, allowing users to engage with the platform and participate in various activities. On the other hand, Fliff Cash is the primary focus of this article and represents entries into the sportsbook’s promotional sweepstakes contests.

The Fliff Bonus System

One of the most interesting aspects of the Fliff platform is its unique bonus system. When users purchase Fliff Coins, they also receive a bonus amount of Fliff Cash. The amount of Fliff Cash bonus depends on the number of Fliff Coins purchased. This system allows users to accumulate Fliff Cash while enjoying the app’s features using Fliff Coins.

fliff promotions

Fliff Promos

How Fliff Cash Works

Fliff Cash operates similarly to Sweeps Coins, a concept used by many social and sweepstakes casinos. In essence, Fliff Cash serves as entries into the platform’s promotional sweepstakes contests.

The value of Fliff Cash is pegged to the US dollar, with one Fliff Cash being equivalent to 1.00 USD. Once a user has accumulated a minimum of $50 in Fliff Cash, they can exchange it for a real cash prize.

The Fliff Sweepstakes Model

fliff app virtual coin currencies

Fliff Virtual Currencies

It is crucial to understand that due to the sweepstakes model employed by Fliff, users cannot directly deposit or withdraw real money on the app. Instead, the platform allows users to purchase Fliff Coins, which come with a bonus amount of Fliff Cash.

Users can then use their Fliff Coins to enjoy the app’s features and participate in various activities. As they accumulate Fliff Cash through bonuses and promotional contests, they can eventually trade it for actual monetary prizes.


In conclusion, while Fliff Cash cannot be directly purchased, users can acquire it through bonuses when buying Fliff Coins. This unique system allows users to enjoy the app’s features, participate in promotional contests, and potentially win real cash prizes.

By understanding the platform’s sweepstakes model and the relationship between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash, users can make the most of their experience on the Fliff social sportsbook app.

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