How to Buy Gold Coins on is a social betting platform where users can play real-money casino games for free. The site’s cryptocurrency payment options make it simple for players to buy more gold coins and withdraw their winnings. We’ve provided a brief guide about Gold Coins and how you can purchase them in the sections below.

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What are Gold Coins?

At, you play sweepstakes games for free using Gold Coins. These are virtual currencies with no monetary value. So, when you win with Gold Coins, you can’t redeem cash prizes. You can only redeem cash prizes at with Stake Cash.

Purchasing Gold Coins

buy gold coins stake us Gold Coin Bundles Store Gold Coins are available for free. You receive these virtual currencies after creating your account, so you can start gaming immediately. More are available via the exclusive daily login bonus, contests, giveaways, tournaments, and other promos.

However, if you don’t want to wait so long for the bonus, you can purchase Gold Coin packages. Note that purchasing a Gold Coin bundle is optional and doesn’t give you any edge over those who don’t buy. You can purchase Gold Coins using the steps below:

  1. Login to your Stake.US account and navigate to your wallet
  2. Click on the “Buy Gold Coins” tab and browse through the bundles available
  3. Choose a bundle package you wish to buy
  4. Choose your preferred payment method (usually cryptocurrency)

After a successful transaction, the purchased Gold Coins will appear in your wallet. Note that some packages come with additional incentives, like free Stake Cash.

Claiming and Using Bonus Gold Coins

Once you create an account on, the site gives you a welcome bonus of Gold Coins. Select your first game from the numerous available, then choose the number of coins you wish to wager and start playing. Your account gets credited whenever you win, and you can monitor your progress in real-time.

Simply logging onto your account daily will also earn you a bonus, giving you more Gold Coins. Referring people and engaging in tournaments are other options to claim bonus Gold Coins.

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Using Stake Cash as Gold Coins Alternative

Gold Coins are not the only acceptable virtual currency used in You can also play with Stake Cash. While Gold Coins only work for playing games on the site, Stake Cash can be redeemed for prizes.

Gold Coins and Stake Cash are not interchangeable and are treated as separate virtual currencies. You also can’t directly purchase Stake Cash, but you might receive some for free after buying Gold Coins. When you get up to a minimum amount, you can redeem the Stake Cash for crypto prizes. However, note that you must meet a 3x playthrough requirement.

Final Thoughts allows players to enjoy the thrills of online betting without much financial risk. The social casino gives users bonus Gold Coins to play games for free. You can also purchase Gold Coins packages to get more playing time.

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