How to Cash Out on Fliff

The social sports betting platform, Fliff, allows users to transact using different payment methods, like bank transfers. Players visit the website because of its secure cash out methods. However, some individuals on Reddit and Twitter have complained about challenges with cashing out on the sportsbook.

This article delves on how to cash out on Fliff sports betting and provides essential tips to keep in mind.

Basic Steps for Cashing Out on Fliff

Here’s a straightforward walkthrough on how to smoothly withdraw funds from your Fliff account.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, find the “Profile/Avatar” icon, and click it.
  2. In the wallet section, click on the icon with three bars (hamburger menu) at the upper right corner.
  3. You should ensure your email, phone number, and mailing address are correct.
  4. Use the facial recognition software to scan a valid U.S. ID card and your face.
  5. Once you’re verified, pick your preferred withdrawal method: Bank Transfer, Instant Bank Transfer, or Skrill.
  6. Remember, the minimum amount you can withdraw is Fliff Cash equivalent to $50.

fliff website download app

Fliff Website – Download App

Withdrawal Limit and Rules

Here’s a brief overview of the withdrawal rules at Fliff:

  • Verification: You’ll need extra verification if you redeem a prize above $599 or equivalent. They might also request this for smaller redemptions. This could involve showing identification like a passport and proof of address, such as a utility bill.
  • Deactivated or Suspended Accounts: If your account is deactivated or suspended and you want to redeem prizes, get in touch with Customer Support at [email protected].
  • Minimum Redemption: You can withdraw a minimum of $50 from Fliff.
  • Redemption Frequency: Fliff processes one prize redemption request per customer account every 5 days.

Fliff Payout Methods

Fliff goes the extra mile to ensure your winnings are easily accessible. When it’s time to cash out, you’ll find a selection of seamless methods designed to suit your preferences. Below are some options available to you:

  • Instant Bank Transfer: You can link your bank account and ask for your Fliff Cash winnings. If your bank is in the real-time payments network, you get the money right away. If not, it takes around 1 or 2 days through ACH transfer.
  • Standard Bank Transfer: Instead of directly linking your bank, give your routing and account numbers, and then make the request.
  • Digital Gift Cards: You can use your XP (experience points) to buy gift cards. When you ask for a gift card, you get the code instantly to use with the retailer.
  • Skrill Account: Transfer to your Skrill account, and then send it to your bank account or use the e-wallet directly.

How Long Does It Take to Cash Out on Fliff?

The time it takes to receive your money from the Fliff app depends on the withdrawal method you choose. Your redeemed prizes could take around 30 days to show up in your account. You’ll get the money right away if your bank supports instant payments. If not, it can take about 1 to 5 days or so.

Fliff doesn’t control the money transfer timing completely due to third-party integrations used for payments. Also, remember that banks don’t operate on weekends, so delays might be longer.

Today, our team of experts at Mr. Sweepstakes covered what needs to be said about the cashing out process at Fliff. We discussed how to cash out step-by-step, the withdrawal limits, and payout options, so you now have all the necessary information.

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