How to Cash Out Pulsz Bingo Casino?

Pulsz Bingo offers a free-to-play gaming platform not just for bingo fans but also for slot lovers. The site, owned by Yellow Social Interactive, features over 400 thrilling games to entice any player.

Since it’s a free-to-play site, Pulsz Bingo Casino isn’t like a regular online casino. Pulsz Bingo Casino doesn’t offer games for money, so you can’t withdraw your winnings like conventional casinos. If you want to know how to cash put Pulsz Bingo Casino, ensure you read this article.

pulsz bingo homepage

Pulsz Bingo Homepage

Is it Possible to Deposit or Withdraw at Pulsz Bingo Casino?

When you sign up with this Vegas-style casino, you’ll receive free 5,000GCs and 2.3SCs to play games. You can play games for free using these coins at the casino site. If you run out of coins, you can top up at any time, or wait for the daily login bonus.

On your first purchase at the site, you will also receive a free bonus of up to 173,500 GCs and 15 SCs. However, purchasing is not compulsory on the site, and you can still get more free coins.

You can’t deposit or withdraw at the site since it’s a sweepstakes casino. Instead, you can claim more free coins from Pulsz Bingo Casino’s Facebook account, where they offer Coins. You can also benefit from the daily login bonus casino, and other promotional offers.

They also have other social platform accounts like Twitter and Instagram where you can answer questions to win free coins to play games.

pulszbingo promos

Pulsz Bingo Promos

Pulsz Bingo Cashout Options

As we’ve already mentioned, you can’t deposit money or withdraw at the Pulsz Bingo Casino. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t receive winnings and turn them into cash.

The Pulsz Bingo redeem option will allow you to convert your winnings into cash if you have at least 100 Sweeps Coins. If you want to cash out with a gift card, you should have a minimum balance of $50.

Pulsz Bingo Casino recognizes only two ways to cash out, which are by Skrill or Gift cards.

redemption options pulsz bingo

Redemption Pulsz Bingo


You can cash out your coins with your Skrill account at Pulsz Bingo. However, to turn the coins into cash, you must redeem them. On the homepage, click the menu to access the redeem option and To withdraw to Skrill, choose “Redeem Cash Prize“.

You can opt for Skrill if you made a purchase with it on the site. If not, using this option won’t work at the Pulsz Bingo Casino.

You can cash out $100 or more on the site and the process will take three to seven days to get to your account. There are no costs when using your Skrill wallet to redeem money.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can also be used for Pulsz Bingo Casino Cash Out, especially if you don’t have a Skrill account. You won’t exchange your coins for money; instead, you claim your winnings with gift cards using the redeem cash prize option.

You will receive the gift card in the email with which you registered your account. Also, using a gift card to redeem your winnings won’t incur additional charges.

However, most players prefer the Skrill method over gift cards. It’s the quickest way to redeem your earnings at Pulsz Bingo Casino.

How To Make A Pulsz Bingo Cashout

1. Sign in to your casino account

Log in to your account at Pulsz Bingo Casino, fill in your information and begin the cash out process on the website.

pulsz bingo sign up

2. Navigate to the Redeem Option

On the top left of Pulsz Casino’s homepage, click the menu button to locate the redeem link.

redeem button pulsz bingo

3. Select your preferred payment method

After clicking the redeem button, choose the type of cash out you want. You can opt for the gift cards or cash prize.

verify account pulsz bingo

4. Type your cashout amount

On the required field, enter the amount you wish to cash out from your Pulsz Bingo Casino account. Ensure your cashout request is not below the minimum limit.

redeem limits pulszbingo

5. Enter your payment information

Provide your Skrill wallet details if you want to redeem cash. Submit your request and wait to receive your money.

gift card redemotion pulsz bingo

Requirements for Cashing Out at the Casino

Before you can cash out at Pulsz Bingo Casino, you need to comply with specific requirements:

  • Age: You must be 21 years old to play games at Pulsz Bingo Casino. The social casino won’t accept your registration if you’re under-age.
  • Verification: You must validate your account before you can redeem your winnings from Pulsz Bingo Casino. They will want identification documentation prior to providing you access to the casino’s website. When registering, you must upload your ID and other required information.
  • Location: Also, you should know that Pulsz Bingo Casino is available in 47 States in the country. So, before you can access their platform, ensure you are not violating any restriction laws in your State. You can check out the restricted states in our McLuck Casino review.

terms of use page pulsz bingo

Terms of Use Page Pulsz Bingo

Common Problems with Cashing Out at Pulsz Bingo

Cashing out your casino winnings is typically a straightforward process, and there are several factors that could prevent you from cashing out at the casino:

Insufficient Funds

To get your winnings, your account must have the required minimum cash out amount. Verify that you have Sweeps Coins of at least $50 in gift card redemptions or $100 for Skrill cashouts before submitting your request.

Verification Issues

The casino needs to check your details and confirm your identity before you can use their site.

Incorrect Payment Details

Some people may have problems cashing out, especially if they provide incorrect details. Ensure that you type in your correct Skrill account before you request your money.

If you’re still having issues with cashing out, contact Pulsz Bingo Casino support.

pulszbingo faq support page

Pulsz Bingo FAQ Support Page

Final Thoughts

Pulsz Bingo Casino is a fantastic gaming platform, and you can sign up today to play their games. Even though they claim not to offer deposits or withdrawals, you can still cash out on the site.

If you follow our guide on how to cash put Pulsz Bingo Casino, you won’t have problems redeeming your winnings.

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